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A Constant: UW Madison's Travel Adventure Film Series Still Shows the World to Madison Viewers   Read More
Kathy Lang Posted by Kathy Lang in Exhibitors October 5th, 2016


Members of the travel film industry were in shock, irate and angry. The staff at TAD was blown away with what had happened.   Read More
Ralph Franklin Posted by Ralph Franklin in Exhibitors September 6th, 2016


I spent weeks researching my new film, but as always the best experiences were the surprises and the thing that seldom appear in guide books or written histories.   Read More
Gray Warriner Posted by Gray Warriner in The Travel Adventurers August 2nd, 2016


Budget travel I was doing. I would sleep in my sleeping bag next to the car and gasoline was only 10 cent a gallon. When I crossed the border I had $50 in my pocket, I would make it last three months.   Read More
Dale Johnson Posted by Dale Johnson in The Travel Adventurers July 5th, 2016

EL Camino Chose Skype

TAD filmmaker inhales sulfuric acid and it was cancer of the larynx. "Angry Planet" producer, Peter Rowe could not name the volcano where it happened, but the damage had been done.   Read More
Ralph Franklin Posted by Ralph Franklin in Exhibitors June 7th, 2016
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