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Go West, Young Holod

Meet the Prototype Camera With a Billion Megapixels

Engineers at Duke University and the University of Arizona have developed a prototype camera that can create images with amazing detail. They believe the camera could capture up to 50 gigapixels—that’s 50,000 megapixels—or a billion pixels.   Read More
Hal McClure Posted by Hal McClure in Features July 16th, 2012

40th Film Festival Held in Grand Rapids

An unprecedented one-day Springtime Film Festival was convened at Grand Rapids, Michigan, in June—the 40th annual session of the Travel Adventure Cinema field.   Read More
Stan Walsh Posted by Stan Walsh in Blogs July 16th, 2012

He Dreamed of Shooting Travel Films When He Retired

Rick Rosefield always wanted to shoot travel adventure films when he retired. And he did—for awhile. His wife Jan tells the rest of the story.   Read More
Posted by Jan Rosefield in Blogs July 16th, 2012

"The World Without US" Documentary Right Out of Today's Headlines

A new documentary, The World Without US, produced by Hungarian-born Mitch Anderson, examines the following question in detail: What would happen if the United States were to stop its military presence?   Read More
Ralph Franklin Posted by Ralph Franklin in Features July 12th, 2012

The Latest Final Cut Pro

Apple has released an update for Final Cut Pro Ten this week (FCP 10.0.3). Not every one will be a user of FCP, but if you fall into this group of nonusers, you may find the following of interest.   Read More
Dale Johnson Posted by Dale Johnson in Features February 7th, 2012
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