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Shall Our Travel Film Groups Return to the 'Good Old Days?'

Hal McClure Posted by Hal McClure in Jump Cuts September 28th, 2011

Is our Travel Adventure film field of Presenters and Artists ready to split into separate groups—as it was before TRACS was born at the end of the last century? It seems so. And it’s not a bad thing.

At the last TRACS annual FilmFest in Chicago, the Presenters appeared much more gung-ho for keeping the organization afloat than absentee Film Artists.

The Final Curtain for many of our travel film series across North America—coupled with our economic downturn—have hit Filmmakers hard—hard enough to keep many of them from making that expensive trip to Chicago. They sent their video clips instead.

Artists also point out that none of them has an expense account—while most of the Presenters do.

Remember, our combined separate groups of Presenters (PTS), Film Artists (Impala) and Agents was called IntraFilm before 1999. That grouping only combined into one unit— TRACS—after a 25-year history.

Why shouldn’t we reset the calendar to those 1990s days and beyond—back to three loosely separate groups?

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