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Ed Fitchett Surprises With His Vivid Pacific War Movies

Hal McClure Posted by Hal McClure in Features October 24th, 2011

Many of us only know Edwin Fitchett as the former Presenter of the Vassar Brothers long-running travel film series in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Now we learn Ed shot color film as well as artillery during World War II.

While Ed was an officer in the U.S. Army’s 165th Field Artillery Battalion in the Pacific, he documented the places he visited in 16mm Kodak color film, never realizing that 65 years later his footage would be a valuable record of the Pacific War.

Ed’s fllms include the Philippines— Corregidor to Bataan—and the Philippine Independence ceremonies where he shot close-ups of Gen. MacArthur and President Roxas. As commander of  a Japanese prisoner of war camp he documented inmates’ lives, including work details, camp life and social events.

In Tokyo, Fitchett recorded bomb damage and its aftermath, MacArthur’s headquarters and “other famous sites.”

All his war footage has been digitized and is available on DVD, with narration by Ed himself.

Much of the wartime film for his Eastman 16mm Model K camera was sent to him by his father.”Some was bad, even moldy,” he said.

2nd Lt. Edwin Fitchett
A special showing of Ed Fitchett’s wartime footage will take place at the Vassar Bros. series in Poughkeepsie, Dec. 14.

To see  a demo of Ed’s old 16mm Eastman Kodak Model K and  some of Ed’s wartime scenes go to Historic Footage.

For his home page FitchettFilm