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Ralph Franklin Posted by Ralph Franklin in Features February 7th, 2013


Angry Planet Television Series
Producer/Director  Peter Rowe

Peter Rowe, producer/director of the highly praised Angry Planet television series, will soon release Angry Planet—Volcanoes, a spin-off of his 39-program series seen around the world.

 While making the Angry Planet series Rowe climbed and filmed numerous volcanoes, from Italy to Iceland to Costa Rica. Angry Planet—Volcanoes is the sum of this intense experience.

 Creating this new feature film allows Rowe to include footage not used in the earlier TV series—as he traveled worldwide to find and film the volcanoes, and the people living beside them, the scientists studying them, and the expeditions visiting them.
New material for his documentary is in the works. He plans to visit Guatemala where he intends to fly one of the new hand-held camera-mounted Parrot drone quadrocopters into one of the craters. ”It will give the audience the feeling of what it would be like to descend into an inferno,” Rowe said.
Fairy Chimneys, Cappadocia, Turkey
Angry Planet—Volcanoes
will also include the only society that actually lives today in the remains of volcanic eruptions—the buildings and villages carved into the “fairy chimneys” of Cappadocia in Turkey.
The filmmaker says that while all the volcanoes he filmed were powerful experiences, six of them stand out:
-Getting so close to Kilauea’s bright red lava flows that they were burning the soles of their shoes as he and his small team

trekked through the night to experience a major flow of Hawaii’s famous volcano.
Lava Lake in Congo
-Flying to Tonga, and then boating to Hunga Ha’apai – a brand two, three-week-old volcanic island, the “Newest Land on Earth.” Rowe and host George Kourounis were the fourth and fifth people in the world to land on the brand- new island—still warm to the touch when they arrived.
-Climbing to the summit to film the eponymous Strombolian eruptions of Italy’s famous Mt. Stromboli.
-Swimming beside Anak Krakatau, the still-erupting remains in Java of what was once one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in human history, Krakatoa.


Volcanic Crystal Cave, Chihuahua Mexico



Gas mask is required filming
fumarole vent


-Having the luck to be one of the very few people to get to visit the volcanic Crystal Cave in Chihuahua, Mexico, where the heat is over 117 F, the humidity 100%, and the crystals, by far, the largest in the world.
-Organizing a wedding on the lip of exploding Mt. Yasur on Tanna, in Vanuatu. With lava bombs flying in the background, the grass-skirted minister performed the vows.

Some of the other volcanoes are: Mauna Kea, Hawaii—Mt. Etna, Italy—Eldfell—Haimaey, Iceland—Nyiragongo—Congo—Underwater Vents—Vancouver Island—Boiling Lake and Champagne Reef - Dominica—Anak Krakatau, Kawah Ijen, Mt.Semeru and Mt. Bromo - Java,

Indonesia—Vesuvius, Italy—White Island and Geysers, New Zealand.




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Unlike most television producers, Rowe will take center stage in presenting this new film. He feels that a live presentation on the big screen is the best way for patrons to hear the production stories and see these massive forces of nature.
Rowe has won numerous awards, including the Canadian Society of Cinematographers 2010 Award for Hurricane Triple Threat and the Gold Medal at Worldfest Film Festival for Treasure Island. He is a member of the Explorers Club, Directors Guild of Canada, Canadian Society of Cinematographers, and the Writers Guild of Canada. He has also worked as a Film Professor at Sheridan College.
Rowe’s agent, Ralph Franklin, Franklin Film Artists, sees this new documentary as an eye-opening view into one of nature’s most powerful forces. Franklin can be reached at: — 866-385-3824.



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