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2014 Annual National Association of Broadcasters Convention

Bob DeLoss Posted by Bob DeLoss in Jump Cuts April 30th, 2014

 The annual National Association of Broadcasters convention closed down April 10 with a record crowd. Of ninety eight thousand persons attending the four day event April 6-10 in Las Vegas. The extravaganza is considered to be the World Series or super bowl of electronic, broadcast, lighting and communication equipment. 

Panasonic displayed an array of video
projection systems
Panasonic displayed their spectacular array of video projection systems. I was taken back with their new projection lens that allows the projector to be placed no more then three feet from the screen. With a complex optical system pictures may be expanded onto to the screen up to 350 inches or nearly thirty feet wide with no distortion. Yes I did say the projector was only three feet from the screen.   It does come with a hefty price of five thousand dollars. At least with that system you would never be concerned as to how far back to place the projector into the audience.
I looked at portable and compact projectors several of which had multi powerful lenses that pop in an out as simply as changing a SLR system The Panasonic PT EZ 570 featured easy changing lens system with a unit    price tag of about twenty three hundred dollars. Combined with the ETL T 21 zoom lens at a cost of fifteen hundred dollars the projector could be placed 122 feet back from the screen. A powerful 5000 lumen lamp in the projector made for a magnificent picture of glowing quality. For closer venues the projector may be set to half power. The combine unit would be perfect for colleges, museums and clubs and would easily fit into most budgets. Best of all it is extremely compact and could easily be taken on the road. 
Panasonic had a vast array of other projectors and lenses of every price range. If you are in the market for a new projector I would suggest you contact your Panasonic dealer and discuss your .needs  
Go Pro 4K camera
Go Pro delighted guests with their 4K mini cameras. With a price tag of three hundred dollars it certainly would be possible to get into the new dazzling ultra TV line on a limited budget.   Several other models are available for a slightly greater cost. The unit is the size  of a pack of cigarettes and its ability to be used almost anywhere from surf boards, underwater shots, bicycle handle bars and  helmets made it one of one of the new cameras that caught the attention of film makers as  one of the hottest new items
Magic camera was also on the scene with its latest “Ursa” camera model with a price tag of about six thousand dollars the camera is a great documentary camera and best of all it records at 4K and accepts a large variety of lenses with its multitude of lens mounts. Their new pocket camera with a price tag under two grand also captivated exhibit goers. 
LED lighting of many type are now available
LED lighting continued to make its way into the lighting world. Compact battery operated systems that can be mounted on the camera were a big hit and not very expensive. For about two hundred dollars units are available that clips onto the camera shoe and is perfect for generating that extra pop into stand ups and interviews. 
Cheaper camera gear is available and yes may record brilliant pictures, however if you are planning to shoot stock footage and go beyond  shooting travelogues more producers are requiring shots to be taken on cameras that record at least 50mbps. The new Ursa by magic camera can record up to 500Mbps. I agree consumer cameras are putting out some great pictures however check with your camera sales people to make sure the camera will produce pictures of the highest electronic sensitivity. 
I doubt that many of us in the changing travelogue business will ever be in the market for the Arri Alexis with a price tag of sixty five thousand for a basic box.  If you want it to work be prepared to purchase the lens, recording system, battery power and a host of other parts are all of which are extras with that machine. 
Bottom line shop around and decide what features are important to you. Electronic cameras are changing so fast you must make the determination as to what works best for you. In today’s market the best and latest electronic video system will be out dated tomorrow… Good luck…….in this day and age you will need it



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