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A Better Mousetrap?

Ralph Franklin Posted by Ralph Franklin in Blogs February 3rd, 2015

Editor’s Note: I’m removing my editor’s hat for this blog because I’ve known the individual for over 50 years.

…a better mousetrap! ” That’s his exact words.
Travelogue Historian Stan Walsh with Friend
Travelogue historian, Stan Walsh was on the other end of the line and it was just before Christmas, last year. The call centered on revitalizing the 121-year-old Travelogue industry and making 2015 a banner year.
We had discussed the bumps, which had occurred on the industry road during the past several several years and their effects. The industry Walsh loved so much had slipped to its lowest level of filmmaker and sponsor participation in its history. Walsh said, “We have to do something, we’re going in the wrong direction…this should not be!
It was clear that Walsh wanted 2015 to be a year of progress, a year of change, and for the better. He was definitely thinking out of the box. “The senior population is exploding, that’s our patrons.Wash said, “There's exciting new era for the Travelogue industry…I can’t sit by and do’s time to move!
Most Travelogue fans, who have had the privilege of meeting Walsh, know him as a warm, congenial guy who gets along with just about everybody, just about! . No, he’s not “Political Correct”, he says what he means and means what he says, but does it diplomatically, most of the time. He’s hard worker especially when it comes to Travelogue business.
Personally I know him in a different light, a brighter light; no it’s really a SPOT LIGHT!
If I may, in addition to the above, he is one of the most generous and yet most private persons I’ve ever known. Getting to know who he is, and his past takes lots of digging, he’s not going to tell you. He's very private when it comes to his personal life. Here's just a few things I found of great interest: He is the last living person to have worked with Burton Holmes, the father of the Travelogue industry. He was his projectionist at the Ebel Theater in Los Angeles when Holmes appeared. It was Holmes that encouraged Stan to pick up his camera and go to work.
6' 2" Stan Walsh, in jump suit
standing next to Fairchild PT19
trainer. USAF "1940 -1944"
But then came schooling and WWII. He joined the Air Force and is the only member of this millennium old industry to appear on a United States, postage stamp. That’s right, Stan Walsh’s six feet plus frame is on a US postage stamp. As a US Air force bombardier, who hit the intended targets on 65 mission from his seat in the Marauder, he would later find himself on a US Air Force Commemorative stamp.
Then, there's this past November 11th, Veteran’s Day 2014, France awarded Walsh it’s highest award, the Legion of Honor, for his roll in WWII. Also unknown to most is in his 50 plus years in the business he has recorded on film many of the past great filmmakers as seen in his new film Chasing Rainbows. Stan Walsh is the industry’s living member of Tom Brokaw’s, The Greatest Generation.
Stan and I had been talking for about 20 minutes and the conversation was about to come to an abrupt end.
Winston Churchill once said, “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” And I said to Stan, “As the travelogue industry’s historian why don’t you publish a newsletter.” There was silence, I knew he was thinking and he finally said, “Okay boss, you want a better mouse trap… you got it… bye!
The idea had caught fire and was about to consume him. True to form it would be done quietly. “I’ll let you know when, but it will cover Travelogues’ past history, present and where we should be going.” That was Walsh's comment; the guy has the drive of a Millennial and no thoughts of retiring.
The “when” time has arrived!
You’re about to receive your, Better Mouse Trap.
It's not coming via the internet, no link…no way! Walsh is sending it, “Snail Mail!” yes, the good old US Postal Service will be delivering it to your office. This is no junk mail piece, its coming first class. Sorry, the envelope will not have the Commemorative Stamp on it; they’re now out of print. 
Please tell your secretary to, “Stand-by” his famous saying, and to keep her eyes open for the Premiere issue of CINEMATIC ADVENTURES, News from around the Travelogue World. Your copy should arrive by mid February 2015. If not, and you wish a copy please write: Stan Walsh, Travelogue Historian, 4215 Miraleste Dr., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 or email:
NOTE: For you WWII buffs here's a shot of the Marauder, in the air, with the bombardier in his seat taking a drag on a cigarette. No, Stan did not and does not smoke. That's one seat where you would really would  push hard on the break peddle when coming in for a landing. They must have got that shot from the trunk of a high-speed car, well, I guess not!
Walsh flew 65 missions in that seat



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