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A Big Hello from Travel Adventure Documentary (TAD)

Hal McClure Posted by Hal McClure in Blogs September 15th, 2012


Where  Travel Filmmakers TAD and Exhibitors  Meet


Remember us? We’re your TAC guys—now all ‘grown up.’


The ‘C’ in our old TAC name just naturally devolved  from

Cinema to Documentary—to keep pace with 21st Century film

and audience transitions.


TAD’s  goal is the same: to publish news about our special

niche in Entertainment—Travel Adventure Film:

its artists, its exhibitors, its trends, equipment, and so on.


We’d love to hear from you—with your own news, ideas, 

suggestions: We still have room for more bloggers.


We hope you enjoy our new Internet look—created by our

own imaginative Jim Tompkins.


The gang at

Travel Adventure Documentary


Ralph Franklin, Publisher

Hal McClure, Editor

Jim Tompkins, Webmeister

Jim Tompkins, Webmeister




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