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Ralph Franklin Posted by Ralph Franklin in Exhibitors September 6th, 2016

WA's quarter page display ad appeared in the September 1st addition of New Horizons, newspaper, Omaha's senior publication. 

Omaha’s 54-year-old travel film series was doomed. Patrons had purchased their preseason tickets and were anxiously awaiting a new season of travel adventure shows. With no warning the series was cancelled. Even worse there were no refunds, the sponsor had disappeared with the money. It was late in 2010.

 Members of the travel film industry were in shock, irate and angry. The staff at TAD was blown away with what had happened, but they also saw an opportunity, a great opportunity to try 21st century promotion. They met, discussed the travel film industry problems, the urgent one now being…how do we save Dick Walter’s series?
The answer was there. National Geographic’s new artist/film shows were a huge success. Even though they were new on the scene, they were filling theaters from coast to coast. For the staff at TAD it was clear...follow the leader. Which meant drastic changes in the TAD industry marketing had to be made.
One of the major changes was, to again use the local newspaper for advertising, paid advertising. Relying on press releases was a gamble, a real gamble. Finding the best newspaper to do the job would take time, and money, Omaha had four newspapers. 
With the newly formed World Adventurers, WA, marketing and series starting organization, the restart process was initiated, display ads placed, using the four Omaha papers. Each display ad had a code, which enabled the WA to track the results. Today, in Omaha, World Adventurers' major newspaper is New Horizons.
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