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Around the World on a String

Ralph Franklin Posted by Ralph Franklin in Blogs February 4th, 2016
Woodstock of the World? – A Tuneful Travel Adventure Film?
Yes, it's music that makes the world go round says Bob DeLoss and Stan Walsh with their new upbeat, Around the World On A String – Banjo – Violin – Ukulele – Harp – And more.
It’s an all new innovative, unconventional, armchair travel adventure film produced to satisfy the musical wanderlust of all travelers. It’s haunting sounds of a bamboo harp – the joyful sound of America’s instrument, the banjo – audio pictures blended with scenic panoramas and a back story commentary. It's about the location and the talented people that brought us there in the first place.  
This has to be a first, “Out of the box” thinking,  DeLoss and Walsh turned a casual cross country conversation into a classic globetrotting musical travelogue designed to…look like…hear like…feel like…a new score in photo journalism.  The two camera virtuosos pooled their talent, their digital film clips, their stories of high adventure to produce an imaginative evening of tuneful exploration. 
The repertoire includes Mozart in the Jungle — Sousa on the Bandstand —   Japanese Taiko Drums — Appalachian Guitars — Philippine Bamboo Symphony — Russian Balalaika — and don’t forget  Player Pianos — Edison’s Disc Phonograph — The Victor Talking Machine and other intriguing examples of man’s desire to make music.
DeLoss will take the program on the circuit beginning January 2017.
With the old tell-tale lead-in comment, “They all laughed when I sat down to play…”  I found myself smiling, tapping my toe, even a bit choked up as the ladies’ choir sang, “God Bless America.” It looks like this team has put together a film that will have audiences whistling a happy tune on this musical journey around the world.
Available through Franklin Film Artists 866-385-3824 


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