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BBoy For Life

Justin Gustavison Posted by Justin Gustavison in Blogs March 3rd, 2014


Greetings TAD, I am a regular reader of your magazine and the director of photography and editor for a film company called Nadus Films. Nadus Films makes documentaries about social justice issues and we pride ourselves for making quality, entertaining documentaries with a small crew, on a shoestring budget.
Justin Gustavison, Director/Producer Nadus Films
Our latest film is called, BBoy For Life and tackles the issue of gang violence in Guatemala City, through the experiences of a young group of break dancers. Getting an exclusive look into what others in our world are experiencing helps bring injustices to light and light into darkness. Telling stories for others who have no voice and who’s story needs to be told is what Nadus Films does.
Thanks and keep up the good work,
Justin Gustavison, DP Nadus Films
BBOY for LIFE is a powerful story of struggle, loss, hope and victory. Cheez & Gato are 2 of the best B-boy's in all of Central America. Together, they and the Poker Crew battle in the streets and on stage to compete against other dancers who are battling to be the best in Central America.
Gato left center foreground, Leidy & son center,
Chees right center
Being a B-boy in Guatemala City carries with it a heavy burden and risk due to a plague of gangs throughout the ghettos. Gato's brother was shot and killed by a gang for not giving the names of other Bboys in his neighborhood, including Gato's.
Leidy is an active gang member who is only 3 days out of prison. Leidy spent 3.5 years in prison for extortion. Despite Leidy being a mother of 2 boys, she continued her destructive streak until she met the B-boy community.
Break dancer
BBOY for Life
documents the struggles of not only break dancers, but gangsters as well, specifically Leidy. Throughout the film, Leidy struggles with the implications of leaving the gang. Leidy understands what threat this would bring not only on herself, but her entire family.
Despite this threat, Leidy chooses the path of peace and digs in deeper with the B-boy community. Leidy's son Gerald who is 10 years old desires to learn to break dance after seeing Cheez & Gato perform at a street battle. Leidy and Gerald together seek a sense of renewal through their new found friendships.
BBoy for Life is a human interest story that exposes not only the threat Guatemalans face on a day to day basis, but also the journey toward a life where peace and hope shine more brightly. It is the story of two dancers and one active gang member colliding to make a powerful cinematic journey.
The film premiered in December in Honolulu, Hawaii and soon to be released in theaters across the country. Nadus Films have also signed a deal with Discovery and Starz where the film will be exposed to millions of people, after the theater release.
Nadus Films is a 501c3 corporation which offers donors the opportunity to make tax deductible donations towards films that have an impact.






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