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Behind the Scenes on Route 66-Part 2

John Holod Posted by John Holod in Blogs October 10th, 2011

Route 66 is America at its finest and it is difficult to get all the history, scenery, and spirit behind it. The bad news is I’m running out of time and need to be in LA for an RV show by October 13.

After the show I’ll have another three weeks to film my way back up the route and get the things I missed. Enjoy the ride!

Behind the Scenes on Route 66 Part 2 features the real reason behind the building of the St. Louis Arch and the best frozen custard on this or any side of the Rocky Mountains.

The arch is OK, but wait until you see the world’s largest catsup bottle and an exciting vacuum museum!

The Route takes us through Tulsa, OK and into a small town in OK hosting a weekend old car show, real Americana.I explain why you really need someone to help you on a shoot, especially an RV shoot.

See ya on the road.

Holod Rte 66-Part 2

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