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Buddy Hatton In South Korea On a Two (Small) Camera Shoot

Hal McClure Posted by Hal McClure in Features September 23rd, 2011

SEOUL, South Korea— Veteran Filmmaker Buddy Hatton is shooting a new high def travel film on Korea—using two small cameras that easily fit in the palm of your hand. They are reportedly the first of our filmmakers to shoot a major travel film using only these cameras.

Buddy and co-producer Larry Won are shooting a new Sony HDR-CX560V and its older mate, a HDR CX550V. The latter was an extra camera on their last film on Iran.

“We will be using these two cameras for everything we shoot, giving us great angles for the edit. I love these cams because they just keep getting better and smaller,” Hatton  said adding:

“I’m using the new 560 as principal cam, and Larry is using the 550 for second cam and hand-held stuff. We fit right in with the tourists, but get pro quality.”

The team is editing the footage every night on a MacBookPro’s iMovie.

“The stability of these cameras continue to amaze,” Buddy said. “Rarely do you need a tripod even in a helicopter or speeding boat. It’s that steady. We only use the tripod for my on-camera stuff.”

The language continues to pose a problem, Buddy reported from Seoul Friday (9-23), adding: “but every once in awhile we get lucky and stumble on people anxious to help. He adds:

“Yesterday we filmed me making kimchee and had a great shoot at the World Taikwando Academy. Good and funny stuff.

“Today, we’ll tackle the world’s largest fish market and try to get up on top of a tower to shoot a city cover. Weather is the best we’ve ever had for Asia. Sunny, clear and not hot.”

Asked if they had permission to film the historic DMZ between South and North Korea, Buddy replied:

“Yes, but we won’t get into North Korea. Had I known beforehand that if we had first flown to Beijing, we could have obtained a visa to the North from there. Cannot do it from South Korea.

“I understand we can get a good look at the North from a tower there.”

They are using a Sony wireless mic that fits in the camera shoe, plus a wired lavaliere mic.

Sony says the CX560V is a “near professional camcorder unmatched by any other camera in its class, with full high definition 60p recording. It includes a wide-angle G lens, Cinema Tone presets with 24p recording that provides cinematic quality videos.

The camcorder has a 64GB flash memory and can record up to 26 hours. The older CX550 has a viewfinder beside its LCD screen, but the newer version does not.