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First Run Features Posted by First Run Features in Blogs March 17th, 2015


Winning is something
The Lance Armstrong saga and countless other doping scandals may have permanently damaged the sport of Cycling. But Clean Spirit introduces us to one pro cycling team that strives to compete the “right way,” placing them at a profound disadvantage. Argos-Shimano is determined to show that winning is possible without doping. We follow the team during the 100th edition of the Tour de France. Knowing that they cannot beat their opponents in the mountains, they have specialized in the sprint.
The young team pose for photo opt
We see the young team inside their hotel rooms, at breakfast and at team meetings. We hear German sprint talent Marcel Kittel promising his teammates a Rolex if they let him win the first stage. In the excitement of the race see Mark Cavendish cause Argos-Shimano sprinter Tom Veelers to crash, ultimately forcing him to leave the Tour. While Cavendish tries to intimidate his opponent, Kittel takes his revenge in the ultimate stage in Paris, leading Argos-Shimano to victory.
Dirk Jan Roeleven, director
Dirk Jan Roeleven is a director, writer and film programmer based in Amsterdam. Clean Spirit is his second feature length documentary. Hi first film No Quiet Life (Geen Stil Leven) about Anton Corbijn’s photography career was released in 2000. Roeleven’s lastest documentary, Ben Ali Libi, Magician, is currently in production.
88 minutes, documentary, color, 2014
In English, Dutch, French, Spanish & German with English subtitles



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