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Ralph Franklin Posted by Ralph Franklin in Blogs February 9th, 2015

You’ll find her on National Geographic EXPEDITIONS web site. She’s a fascinating lady who set out to travel and document the world's great historic highways. It was a trip that took her 4,000-mile from Quito Ecuador to Santiago and resulted in an, international television documentary, "Along the Inca Road." The documentary was shown on National Geographic Explorer and the National Geographic Channels.

Karen Muller

Her name is Karin Muller. She hitchhiked through Vietnam, lived with geisha and pre-Buddhist mountain ascetics in Japan, and sailed to Zanzibar on a native dhow.

With her 1958 National Geographic Grant she produced books, documentaries, articles, photos and lectures for the Society.

 Muller has a new film, “Cuba: The Inside Story” which shows the side of Cuba you’ve seen, and a side that you have not. For years she has heard people arguing over Cuba.  Some say it’s a tropical paradise, filled with healthy, happy people. Others - a police state where almost everyone is trying to escape. So Karin went there for three months – undercover – to find the truth for herself.  The answer was not what she expected - and it all started with the local pizza joint.
"Si, we not only have the best cigars,
we have cell phones."
Amazingly the Cubans have fascinating personalities – funny, creative, patient, friendly, and ingenious.  Karen concludes that no matter what the country’s politics or economics are - they’re our neighbors.  It’s been fifty years and it’s time to again talk.
Muller has created a special version of her PBS television special, "Cuba’s Secret Side." The show has been specifically designed to be screened for live theatre audiences, with two different formats: She will appear in person or - live via SKYPE broadcast.  The Lewis Williams, GeoCinema Group, will be utilizing the revolutionary new SKYPE technology to bring Karen from where ever she may be to the theater screen. The agency celebrates the fact that utilizing revolutionary new SKYPE technology, the very finest filmmakers are available to any venue, for any date, at a price that may help turn the tide on negative cash flows at the box office.
Muller is also the founder of “Take 2,” a non-profit organization that helps young people express themselves through the media of moving pictures.  She has been featured as an expert lecturer for Smithsonian, acted as a NatGeo Tour Guide, and appeared on the National Geographic Live! speaker platform in Washington DC.
Karen Muller is represented by the Lewis Williams Agency






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