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"Coop" returns to VICTORVILLE

Katrina Sivert Posted by Katrina Sivert in Blogs March 25th, 2015

Editor's Note: Agent/entrepreneur Lewis William has secured excellent press coverage in Victor Valley through Siverts Publishing. TAD received the following story on yesterday's historic travel film event. The blog only mentions Skype was used. However, TAD will bring you a more detailed story on this 21st century technology and how it can expand the Travel Film market.

Lewis Williams, entrepreneur Passport Travel Series
Lewis Williams’ Passport Travel Series began showing Travelogues in the Spring of 1996. The first presentation was, Lumberjack in Alaska, by Don Cooper. After that first showing, Williams has presented as many as 11 films in a season, drawing large crowds to the Victor Valley College Performing Arts Center in Victorville, California.
He is the founder of the Passport Travel Series. Each year, he chooses a variety of interesting and educational travel films for his loyal followers. Almost always, the filmmaker is present to introduce the show, and sometimes narrates the film screening live.
The Travelogue is a talk or lecture, by the filmmaker on a travel destination, accompanied by a film. It takes viewers beyond popular tourist destinations to give a more authentic and in-depth look at local culture. Presenters often participate in the local and traditional culture wherever they go, acting as tour guides, and narrating in mostly unrehearsed sequences.
Because he knows the filmmakers personally, Lewis often brings new film premiere screenings to the series. Over 300 people attend each film shown during each season's Passport Travel Series.
Victor Valley Community College Performing Arts Center
The second film of the 2015 series was an encore screening of Lumberjack in Alaska as a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Passport Travel. This film, made in the 1950s, gave an overview of life in this great land of pioneers, giving the audience a glimpse of an Alaska rarely seen by modern commercial tourism. It was filmed in one of the least known, and most enchanting places on earth - the homeland of the Alaskan Indian. It also showed some of the most beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife that North America has to offer.
What makes this film so special is the narration by the filmmaker, Don Cooper, aka “Coop.” A pictorial diary of a real life logger and adventurer, Coop's sometimes hazardous, but always captivating experiences are brought to life in his own words. Using his innate sense of humor to describe day-to-day life in the wild, along with some truly hilarious antics, he has the audience laughing throughout the show. Don Cooper passed away in 2012, and the film was introduced by his son Matt, “live” on screen via Skype transmission from Montana. This is a first in Travelogue’s one-hundred plus year history .

Over 300 people attend each film shown during

each season's Passport Travel Series.

Coop, a 12 time winner of the National Geographic “Travelogue of the Year” Award always told his grandchildren that if they kept smiling they would go far in life, and that laughter was the key to happiness.
For information on the Passport Travel series or bringing “Coop” and his son to your series, via Skype, contact: Lewis Williams 760-617-1448.



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