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Erica Matson Is Dead at 69

Travel Adventure Documentary Posted by Travel Adventure Documentary in Features July 19th, 2012

Erica Matson, whose Marilyn Monroe-type looks and beautiful voice led her to Show Business and Hollywood—where she met and married travel filmmaker Curt Matson—is dead at 69. She had been in failing health from a liver disease.

 She was raised in New Jersey by foster parents who provided her with a solid music background that won her a music scholarship and honed her talents as a composer and arranger.

Erica moved later to Washington and entered theater work where her resemblance to the late Marilyn Monroe was again recognized. Following friends’ urging, she moved to Hollywood and was picked up by the William Morris agency, which began an immediate campaign to promote her as Marilyn’s replacement.

 She was later dropped from the agency’s roster “for being uncooperative.” The real reason, friends said, was her refusal to play the “Hollywood Game.”

As a struggling actress, she attended an acting workshop headed by Curt Matson, an actor, director and filmmaker. They later appeared together in a stage show of Li’l Abner, with Erica playing Daisy Mae andA

 The young couple took the odd Hollywood job between producing and showing travel adventure films around the country. (A short, recorded vocal by Erika introduced every travel film.)

 In 1980, weary of Hollywood “and its ways,” the Matsons—with their two-year old son, Erik—moved to a 12-acre homestead in Arkansas’ north central Ozarks.

After his retirement from the travel film field in 2006, Curt, a lifelong student of the Bible, began producing short 15-minute radio clips called On the Path.




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