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Finding Face Is a Film Revealing Horrific Practice

Hal McClure Posted by Hal McClure in Features September 19th, 2011

Marina Tat was a 14-year-old beauty and a rising star in Cambodian karaoke videos when she came to the attention of the much older undersecretary of state, one of the most powerful men in the country. After his devoted attention, lavish gifts and physical threats against her family, she gave in and became his mistress.

Later, when Marina Tat tried to end the relationship, the official kidnapped her, locked her in a hotel room for a week and shot a gun between her legs. Fearing for herself and the safety of her family, she remained with the official.

That’s when the attack came: She was beaten unconscious and two liters of nitric acid thrown on her face and chest. The assault did not come from the official, however, but from his wife and family.

Fearing retribution, bystanders did not try to help the young woman. The official was never prosecuted.

That was more than 10 years ago. Since then, Marina Tat has had more than 25 operations on her face and body.

Amazingly, Marina’s attack was not unusual. Cambodia has an estimated 50-60 acid dousings each year, a phenomenon not restricted solely to Cambodia.

Skye Fitzgerald
Skye Fitzgerald

Many victims of such acid assaults remain secluded. Marina, however, has gone public. She is the subject of a new documentary film, Finding Face, by award-winning Filmmaker Skye Fitzgerald, of Portland, Oregon.  He said:“Marina and her family speak out publicly about the unmentionable—the dehumanizing effects of acid attacks—and express the need for the perpetrators of these crimes to be held accountable.”

Other of his films include the award-winning Monsoon Wife and Bombhunters.

To watch a short video on  this topic, click Finding Face below, which will take you to Skye’s site. Then scroll to top of his page and click Video:

Click here: Finding Face

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