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Jackson Film Series Starting Its 66th Season

Hal McClure Posted by Hal McClure in Features August 27th, 2011
George Veach

The long-running Kiwanis Club Travel Adventure series of Jackson, MI., will open its 66th season this fall with Fran Reidelberger’s new film, Colorful Mexico.

The first Kiwanis series travelogue, Land of Tomorrow—about South Africa—was shown in 1946 by Austin West.

The team of George and Kathie Veach has been running the series since 1994 when the late Lou Landman retired to Florida.

The Veaches have played a large role in our travelogue picture. George is a former president of the travel film organization and Kathie is now its executive secretary.

“George was part of Lou Landman’s committee from 1979 to 1994—15 years before we took over.” Said Kathie. “You have to do a lot of training before you can become chairman, or the chairman has to retire to Florida.”

George is only its third chairman.

Unlike some other series, the one in Jackson is “still going strong,” reported Kathie, “with about 500 annual ticket sales.” The reason?

Kathie Veach
“George and I are very enthusiastic and excited about the series, which is strongly supported by the Kiwanis Club. And we and the club feel it is as much as a community service project as it is a fundraiser—so if the ticket sales drop, we don’t panic.”

The Jackson 2011-12 season:

Oct. 6— Fran & Brooke ReidelbergColorful Mexico

Nov. 3— Dakkan Abbe (Producer) John Wilson (Narrator)—Inside the Tuscan Hills

Dec. 1— Marlin Darrah—Jesus in Egypt

Jan. 5— Sandy MortimerDiscovering the Dutch

Feb. 2— Buddy HattonIran Then and Now

Mar. 1— Clint & Sue DennBudapest to Istanbul & Cruising the Danube

Apr. 12—Monty & Marsha BrownScotland & Provence