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Korean Diary: The Buddy Crew Dines Among the Cats and Dogs

Buddy Hatton Posted by Buddy Hatton in Blogs September 30th, 2011

SEOUL, South Korea—Have you ever been to a cafe where cats are more welcomed than people? Do you miss your pet dog when away from home traveling? No worries.

Here in Seoul they have a “doggie” cafe where you can play with Korean dogs while enjoying a glass of your favorite beverage. If you were lucky enough to bring Fido with you he’ll love meeting new friends in the Bauhouse.

We have discovered more “unusual” and innovative places of business here in Korea than anywhere else we’ve ever filmed. The subway system is confusing to put it mildly. It’s supposed to be user friendly, but I’m afraid that the rider must understand Korean. It will get you anywhere within miles of Seoul, but it isn’t easy finding directions and there are few information booths.

By the time we finish this film we should have it figured out!

Larry Won, who took this photo, said, "Korea has some of the most powerful memorial statues I’ve ever seen. So realistic. And you can feel what the soldiers are doing at this Korean War Memorial.


We start filming at 8 every morning and usually finish by 6 p.m.

After a great Korean BBQ dinner and a nap, off again for Seoul nightlife. This city only “wakes up” around 9 p.m. It’s night club and Karaoke time:-).

Off to Pusan Monday for the wrap-up of what continues to be a wonderful 3-hour journey on a luxury train ride from Seoul. For those short hours you’re in a totally different part of Asia—beaches, farms, forests, islands.

Amazing, how the Koreans have bounced back in just 50 years after their devastating civil war.

It is so sad that the North Koreans have been so brain-washed by Kim Jong Il that  they truly don’t know there’s paradise just over the border. They only know what this crack-pot forces them to know.

The Buddy Crew

EditorBuddy and Larry are in South Korea shooting their film, now called “Seoul — the Soul of Korea.” They are represented by Windoes Travelogues, Cindy Lorenz, agent. 800-541-0541