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Travel Adventure Documentary Posted by Travel Adventure Documentary in Features November 10th, 2011

Those film and musical artists, Monty and Marsha Brown, seem to be in perpetual motion the year ’round. Besides performing around their home state, Louisiana, they appeared at various English folk festivals and folk clubs They also have started shooting their latest travel adventure film, England’s West Country — Bath & Beyond.

Monty, a native of Doncaster, England, was educated in Canada where he studied theater at the University of B.C., and played a leading role in the Larry Kent cult film, Bitter Ash. Returning to England, he studied acting at the Stratford East Theatre School, later working at the BBC before returning to America to start a career in song writing and musical performance.

A native of upstate New York, Marsha has writen many songs with Monty, including Would You Fly and Cajun Christmas, both used in the hit film Steel Magnolias. The songs are on their second CD, Dancin’ Cajun.

The Browns have also been active in the Travel Adventure Cinema Society. Monty was president until recently.

To catch this busy couple in action, click Goodbye Bayou.

The Browns are represented by Agent Cindi Lorenz, Windoes Travelogues, 1-800-541-0541.


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