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New Film on Majestic Montana 'Filled With Scenic Wonders'

Travel Adventure Documentary Posted by Travel Adventure Documentary in Features September 21st, 2011

Filmmaker Steve Gonser has finished his latest Travel Adventure pic, Majestic Montana. He tells us about it:

Montana has been a traveler’s destination for centuries. Visitors came to Montana and experienced a land of boundless beauty, plentiful wildlife, fertile farmland and mineral wealth.  Many of those hardy folk chose to stay.

Montana is also filled with other wonders: of flora, fauna and people (both past and present) whose regal qualities have been blended together to create a magical, mystical realm in the Big Sky Country of Majestic Montana.

To see a short video clip, press Montana below.


Steve Gonser is represented by:

Agent Cindy Lorenz

Windoes Travelogues 1-800-541-0541

Main photo: Steve Gonser prepares for Chicago Showcase as Presenter Richard McGill, Michigan City, IN., looks on. — Photo Marsha Brown