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Rick Ray's 'Lynching Charlie Lynch' Getting Good Play

Hal McClure Posted by Hal McClure in Blogs

Filmmaker Rick Ray has done it again with his newest documentary, "Lynching Charlie Lynch," a story he has doggedly followed for four years.
Following Ray’s popular "10 Questions for the Dalai Lama," his new film is getting a good ride on Brainstorm Media, a subsidiary of Lions Gate, plus Amazon and a host of other outlets.
Rick’s film revolves around Charlie Lynch, owner of a Moro Bay, CA., marijuana medical dispensary “who tried to do everything right according to local, state and federal law, and he paid a steep price for his actions,” Ray said, adding:
“He is very much the victim, someone who had never violated any law, had never been arrested, never even had a traffic ticket. He doesn’t look like a hippy, but an ordinary businessman.” 
Charlie Lynch’s story exemplifies the medical marijuana controversy that has plagued the nation in recent years.These medical dispensaries are legal in California—and eight other states—but illegal under federal law.
Lynch was arrested by DEA agents, tried and sent to prison. Rick followed the case through the courts to the California’s 9th District Court of Appeals where it now rests.
“I was very fortunate that Brainstorm, the distributors of Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room, Iraq For Sale and Walmart The High Cost of Low Prices" have decided to release the film.”
 It is also on Direct TV PPV, Dish Network, Microsoft Zune, iTunes, and on many other outlets. Amazon is now streaming the film for ($3.99) 


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