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Shouldn't We Use Twitter, FaceBook to Publicize Our Travel Films?

Stan Walsh Posted by Stan Walsh in Blogs October 5th, 2011

Is TRACS ready for prime time?

It’s a changing TRACS landscape out there. With a new TRACS board now firmly in place, the organization should move ahead.

I believe that an early priority would be to re-connect with former members to solicit ideas to create a really cool, must-belong group-environment. Remember our early days?

For example, we could investigate new, effective ways to publicize the showing of our travel adventure films in our neighborhoods—utilizing today’s modern-day gossips: social media biggies Twitter, FaceBook,  Linkedin, etc.

This could awaken a whole new untapped audience. (Attention computer folks with know-how.)

Under the leadership of TRACS’ new president, Jim Holmgren, and its president-elect Pieter Kool —who assumes office next January—the industry is certainly in capable hands.

We all know our film artists are shooting exciting documentaries around the world. And when the cameras stop rolling, the always-challenging editing begins.

While all that is great, the meeting and greeting our audiences is our real reward. But as we know so well, the toughest part is to assemble those audiences.

Sure.  They like to go out to the movies—if they know what is playing. Here is where our combined knowledge and imagination must click in.

TRACS, is your prime-time place to be? Or not? Your choice.