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The Clouds Are Movin' In Fast

Hal McClure Posted by Hal McClure in Features October 31st, 2011

The Clouds are moving in—and fast. No, this is not a meteorological report. We mean the Clouds from Apple and other such vendors—including WeVideo.

The latter’s mission is to make video editing and collaboration easier and accessible to everyone—via its Cloud system.

Here’s one way WeVideo could work: Say you are in California and your collaborators are in Norway and East Ingersol, Iowa—all working from  their individual browser:

You upload a clip from your computer. Miss Oslo drops in her clip from her iPhone a couple hours later,  followed a week later by the Ingersol guy with his iPad.

You do the editing at the WeVideo site—drop and dragging and cutting a tad footage from Oslo and placing Ingersol at the head, plus adding a couple of your stills and music from iTunes. And voila: Your collaborative clip is finished without having to download or maintain any editing program.

And your collaboration can work anytime, anyplace as long as you can connect to the Internet . And your video can be shared on the WeVideo site, YouTube or other social media.

Travel Adventure Filmmakers might not need WeVideo too much professionally—or if all—but you might socially.

WeVideo offers a service ranging from free to $79.99 a month. The free tier gives you 1 GB of storage and the largest tier 50GB.

To learn more, go to: WeVideo


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