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"The World Without US" Documentary Right Out of Today's Headlines

Ralph Franklin Posted by Ralph Franklin in Features July 12th, 2012

"What would happen," asks the presidential candidate, "if the United States were to stop its worldwide military presence?"

"No, it's not President Obama nor Mitt Romney doing the asking.

The question is directed to authorities in the United States, Great Britain, Bosnia, Serbia, Kuwait, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

The questioner is a fictional candidate played by actor Roy Werner in a politically charged documentary, The World Around Us, produced by Hungarian-born Mitch Anderson. The film examines the above question in detail.

Mitch Anderson’s own life also seems fictional. As a youth he was arrested and imprisoned twice for trying to escape Hungary, then under Communist rule. He finally made it to the West on the third attempt.

Granted political asylum in the United States, he began pursuing the American Dream, building a successful business. But the life of a businessman wasn't enough. There was a void, he says.

He remembered as a youth he also had dreams of becoming a documentary filmmaker. So he sold his business and successfully pursued that dream. 

The World Without US is politically opinionated, making for good drama while staying true to the facts and journalistic integrity.

Mitch Anderson is represented by:

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