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Tiny Projectors Heading Your Way

Hal McClure Posted by Hal McClure in Blogs January 11th, 2013

You are a filmmaker—or a filmmaker’s agent—and you meet an exhibitor among audience members leaving the lobby of a travel-adventure movie venue.


EXHIBITOR: “Have you been shooting anything my audience might be interested in?”


FILMMAKER: “I’m just back from Alaska and have some good footage of Eskimo villagers surviving those long Arctic winter months. Not only fishing or hunting, but showing their picturesque social life.”


EXHIBITOR:  “Sounds good. When could I see some footage?”


FILMMAKER  “Not a problem. Follow me.”


EXHIBITOR:  “Wait. I don’t have for an auditorium preview.”


FILMMAKER: “I don’t either. Come on.”


The Filmmaker walks over to a cream-colored lobby wall and takes out his iPhone. He hands the exhibitor an earphone bud and within seconds bright, 24-inch-wide footage of of several Eskimo folk are seen dancing to the sound of raucous music.


EXHIBITOR; “Well I’ll be damned.”


Several companies are already working on such miniature projectors and Apple has filed a patent for one. Will it be included in the next iPhone? Know Apple’s secrecy, who knows. 


(An AppAdvice video clip on the tiny projectors is at the top of this column.)




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