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Windoes Grand Rapids Marketing Conference Called Success

Stan Walsh Posted by Stan Walsh in Features July 16th, 2012

 Back-to-back Travel Adventure Cinema events were held at the Prince Conference Center, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, June 2-4.

The agenda for two different but closely related groups covered Show Promotion and Film Previews.

 Cindy Lorenz, CEO of Windoes Travelogues, of Grand Rapids, hosted a two-day Marketing Conference for her Film Presenter clients and guests. 

Jim Holmgren, President of TRACS, convened a follow-on all-day session of Film Previews.  Both events were held in the spacious video equipped Prince Conference Center Board Room.

 More than a dozen Windoes Film Presenters were introduced to a variety of ways to engage the public.  Attendees shared ideas and talked about successful promotional practices.  

 Tips on ways to popularize Travel Adventure Shows ranged from participating in local TV talk shows to  screening film clips on video signage screens in Travel Agent or other waiting areas.  For example, this could be a welcome change in Auto Club offices where they sell travel.

Tales of unexpected snowstorms, lost microphones and missing movie screens enlivened the conversation and cemented better appreciation of the old adage, “The show must go on.”

 Questions concerning use of social-media as a promotional tool fell on generally uninformed ears.  It was recognized that this is the modern way of communicating, but as yet most haven’t explored the possibilities. 

 Perhaps free “tweet-seats” might be offered to select young “tweeters” with the expectation they would spread the word about the show on their blog.  Thoughtful musing followed.  Cindy’s Windoes Film Presenters reaped a windfall of sample promotional material for their “how-to” portfolio.






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