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Klonopin For Sale

By Dale Johnson

[caption id="attachment_565" align="alignleft" width="125" caption="Dale Johnson"] Klonopin For Sale, [/caption]

I arrived on the tundra on June 7. The landscape was still a sea of featureless white. I was on the northwest corner of ANWR (the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge), get Klonopin, which itself is in the far north-eastern corner of Alaska. Where can i find Klonopin online, The snow would be completely gone in one week, but I didn’t know that at the moment.

There are no roads within miles of here, Klonopin maximum dosage. I had been flown in via helicopter and would spend the entire summer here, filming wildlife for “One Arctic Summer,” a film about this region of Alaska, Klonopin For Sale.

Exxon was drilling an exploratory well here on the corner of the Refuge, Online buy Klonopin without a prescription, and I would take my meals in the drilling camp set up for the roustabouts.

On the first day I wandered out onto the tundra with my 60 lb. camera pack to see what I had let myself in for, Klonopin blogs. Was there any life here to even be filmed. Klonopin For Sale, It didn’t appear so. Klonopin coupon, I wandered east across the snow and scouted for most of the day. Around 6 PM I headed back toward camp, and could hear a dull roar under me at one location during my return hike, purchase Klonopin for sale. I would discover a couple of days later that this was the Sagavanirktok River about 10 to 12 feet under the increasingly flimsy snow and ice crust that still covered it. Where to buy Klonopin, Had I fallen through I would have simply disappeared and drowned, as there was no escape for the two to three miles the river ran to the Arctic Ocean. The following day I could see fissures opening in the ice over the River, cutting off my explorations in that direction, Klonopin For Sale.

After a week the snow had almost vanished, Klonopin results, and flocks of white fronted geese began to appear. Online buying Klonopin hcl, The golden plover was an early arrival, quickly mating and starting to nest.

[caption id="attachment_2739" align="alignright" width="186" caption="Golden Plover"][/caption]

It turns out though, Klonopin no rx, that the ptarmigan had been here all along. Where can i order Klonopin without prescription, Somehow they winter over, trying to avoid arctic foxes by becoming all white so they virtually disappear in the snow. Klonopin For Sale, They were changing to brown now, as the snow melted.

Even though the snow was melting, rx free Klonopin, it wasn’t exactly summer... Doses Klonopin work, not the way we think of summer. The temperature climbed into the forties around noon on some days. But I would have to dress in long johns, no prescription Klonopin online, two shirts, After Klonopin, two sweaters, two pair of pants, a parka with hood, real brand Klonopin online, and hip waders all summer. The sun was up 24 hours a day now, and even though the temperate rarely fell to freezing, the wind blowing in from the Arctic coast made staying warm a challenge, Klonopin For Sale. Klonopin from canada, I would leave camp around 5 AM most mornings, carrying my lunch along with the camera pack... always on foot, Klonopin schedule. There were no roads, Online buying Klonopin, and no vehicles. Around noon, I would try to get out of the wind by lying down behind a pingo on the tundra in order to eat my meal.., order Klonopin online c.o.d. Klonopin For Sale, and swear that my next film was going to be in Arizona.

A pingo is an uplifting of the tundra soil due to ice formations underneath. Klonopin price, coupon, It can only happen in permafrost conditions, i.e. where the ground below the surface is permanently frozen, is Klonopin safe.

[caption id="attachment_2740" align="alignleft" width="192" caption="Melting Pingo Ice"][/caption]

As you can see, Cheap Klonopin, even though the arctic is by definition an arid region—it receives less than 8 inches of precipitation a year—the tundra is covered with standing water. The water can neither drain off nor sink into the ground, because the soil underneath is frozen, Klonopin For Sale. The polygonal shapes have been created by thousands of years of freezing and thawing.

About mid-summer, order Klonopin from mexican pharmacy, I had noticed arctic foxes were taking eggs from the nests of ducks all across the tundra. Klonopin no prescription, Even though the sun was up for 24 hours, this often happened around midnight. I wanted to film it, Klonopin use. Klonopin For Sale, I located an active nest in an area where I’d seen foxes stealing eggs, and set up a blind some distance away. I’d made a slit in the back of the blind to poke the lens of my camera through, Low dose Klonopin, and by sitting next to the camera, I could also see the nest.

I went into the blind about 3 PM, purchase Klonopin, as I wanted to be settled in long before a hunting fox would happen by. Klonopin treatment, The wind was blowing in off the arctic ocean and ice began to form in my beard. I sat next to the camera for eleven hours this way. But my back began to ache so much, I squirmed around to get a bit more comfortable ...and I did, Klonopin For Sale. I dozed off, buying Klonopin online over the counter.

I woke about an hour later, Buy Klonopin without prescription, and sure enough, the eggs were gone. It took me three attempts in this fashion before I would finally succeed in getting the shots of the fox stealing eggs from the nest, Klonopin alternatives.

[vimeo video_id="22386710" width="400" height="300" title="Yes" byline="Yes" portrait="No" autoplay="No" loop="No" color="00adef"]

Of course I walked everywhere. Klonopin For Sale, By late summer, I was in pretty good shape. Herbal Klonopin, One day I decided to walk out to a DEW Line facility that was about 11 miles from our camp. The DEW Line was a series of radar facilities that the U.S. built across Canada and Alaska during the height of the Cold War, buy Klonopin without a prescription, called Distant Early Warning sites. Klonopin cost, They line the northern and western shores of Alaska.

When I returned to camp later that day, a worker had seen the location of a ptarmigan nest, so I walked an additional five miles to film it—a total of 27 miles that day—with camera and pack, Klonopin For Sale.

Day after day I would wander the tundra, picking up a few shots each day, where can i buy Klonopin online. One day I would discover the nest of a dunlin, Klonopin pictures, and maybe stay with him all day to get a few shots. Another day I would see oldsquaw ducks (now classified as the long-tailed duck) fighting, or find a lonely lemming in the grass and follow him for hours, buy Klonopin no prescription.

[caption id="attachment_2741" align="alignright" width="187" caption="Lemming"][/caption]

Because the wind scoured the landscape every day, What is Klonopin, insects were not even visible, except down in the low growing vegetation. Klonopin For Sale, However, on two days the wind died down for an hour or two, and mosquitoes would rise from the tundra like smoke.

Fortunately, I had on so much clothing they were of no concern to me. But occasionally, I would see caribou in the distance which would give the appearance of “going nuts”. A caribou would run frantically for a distance, then come to a very sudden halt. He might stand there briefly, with head down, violently shake his head, then his whole body, and suddenly plunge ahead in another frantic run. He would be trying to escape the mosquitoes, Klonopin For Sale.

Mosquitoes and bot flies, it is said, can relieve a caribou of a quart of blood in a single day in these conditions. The entire caribou herd will run to the edge of the arctic ocean and plunge into the water trying to escape the insects on such days.

The snow bunting did his part in trying to remove mosquitoes. He’d arrive at his nest with as many as a hundred of the little insects sometimes.

[caption id="attachment_2742" align="alignleft" width="187" caption="Snow bunting carrying mosquitoes"] Klonopin For Sale, [/caption]

The summer passed, with my camera capturing arctic foxes persuing arctic ground squirrels, tundra swans fighting for mates, and only one distant sighting of a grizzly. That was good. I was always too far from camp to have been able to excape from a grizzly, and there certainly were no trees to climb. I was always trying to get closer to wildlife for filming, but in the case of the grizz, distance was welcome. (I was encouraged to carry a weapon, but I deemed it too bothersome and of minimal value.)

The sun went down for the first time in mid-August. I would leave in September, but return in November to capture some winter material, especially the caribou migration. A bit over three months of filming, and then, four months of editing. “One Arctic Summer” was a summer that has remained a vivid experience in my own memory bank.

[vimeo video_id="22204975" width="400" height="300" title="Yes" byline="Yes" portrait="No" autoplay="No" loop="No" color="00adef"]

Dale Johnson is the owner of Trailwood Films..

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Buy Stilnox Without Prescription

By Dale Johnson

Buy Stilnox Without Prescription, A new oil change, a full tank of gas and a fresh cup of coffee. The open road ahead, buy cheap Stilnox no rx. Stilnox gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, It can all have a beguiling allure...a scintillating sense of freedom that seems to propel you through and away from all problems.

The Beguiling Open Road Ahead

A new oil-change, Stilnox dose, Stilnox blogs, a full tank of gasoline and a fresh cup of coffee.  The open road ahead.  It can all have a beguiling allure...a scintillating sense of freedom that seems to propel you through and away from all problems.

There is a certain freedom in wandering town to town at 70 miles per hour...but also constraints.   Sometimes the vehicle, no prescription Stilnox online, Stilnox pharmacy, the source and means of freedom, may come to feel like a detention center.  But I think it’s better than showing up at Sears to sell something every day for eight hours.  (Not to denigrate those who do.  Those folk are needed, buy cheap Stilnox no rx, My Stilnox experience, too.)

As it often does, the stomach diverts attention away from my reverie...from those internal, Stilnox duration, Stilnox recreational, and seemingly eternal, musings.

Turning to the radio: there’s music, buy Stilnox online no prescription, Doses Stilnox work, music, and music, Stilnox description, Stilnox brand name, sports, sport talk, generic Stilnox, Stilnox treatment, more sports talk, and evangelists.  Radio evangelists were always a part of the southern tier of States in the U.S.  Of course, Stilnox from mexico, Stilnox photos, that belt included Texas.  In fact, some folk consider Texas to be the buckle of that belt.

"Get your autographed  picture of Jesus."

It’s quite amazing how many such radio stations there are now.  “Brother Jennings ordered his prayer handkerchief last week for only $12, effects of Stilnox, Buy cheap Stilnox, and just this weekend he coughed up his cancer,” I heard on one station.  This was broadcast from south of the border with Mexico, Stilnox no prescription, Stilnox pictures, and there are some restrictions on such blatant promotionalism today.  But I think you can still buy an autographed picture of Jesus.

Evangelistic broadcasting has now spread to virtually every State.  Even into Canada!  It costs money to operate a 24-hour station, pay a staff and the bills, Stilnox without prescription, Stilnox results, but the money must be coming in, or the radio transmissions wouldn’t continue for very long.  Their verbosity is matched only by their banality.

One of my colleagues has written and recorded a song about this.  You can listen to part of  it here.

It’ll cost you .89 cents, Stilnox price, Where can i buy cheapest Stilnox online, but it’s worth it.  It’s worth $10.  And I’ve gotten at least $100 of pleasure and laughter from this little ditty by Monty and Marsha Brown.

Another one of my compatriots likes to travel by air.  He’s worn out his socks going through those airport security lines.  For airport security, I hear that the Israelis are developing a new device that consists of a large booth—heavily reinforced with steel and titanium—that will detonate any type of explosive, order Stilnox online c.o.d, Stilnox without a prescription, using some part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  When it works, an announcement comes over the PA system informing that there is now another seat available on flight 817.

I’ll keep on driving.   Remember, after Stilnox, Stilnox over the counter, you’re never out of sight of the Golden Arches.  (And ‘senior coffee’ is only .48 cents.)

Trying to stay on the trail and out of the woods,

Dale Johnson Trailwood Films

, Stilnox from canada. Get Stilnox. Buy Stilnox online cod. Buy no prescription Stilnox online. Cheap Stilnox. Buy Stilnox from canada. Stilnox wiki. Where can i buy Stilnox online. Order Stilnox from mexican pharmacy. Online buying Stilnox.

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Buy Retin-A Without Prescription

By Monty Brown

Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, Marsha and I just hit the road again for the first time this season. We skipped the 2010 Fall season so that we could go to Europe, Retin-A trusted pharmacy reviews, Taking Retin-A, keep up connections with friends and family, and play a bit of music

[caption id="attachment_2501" align="alignleft" width="94" caption="Woman—by artist Jim Nutt, Retin-A class, Is Retin-A safe, MCA, Chicago."][/caption]

On that Long, Long Road

By Monty Brown President, discount Retin-A, Retin-A dose, TRACS

Marsha and I just hit the road again for the first time this season. We skipped the 2010 Fall season so that we could go to Europe, buy generic Retin-A, Ordering Retin-A online, keep up connections with friends and family, and play a bit of music, Retin-A price, coupon. Retin-A steet value, We have thought of showing Travel Films in Britain, particularly films about the United States, online buying Retin-A hcl, Comprar en línea Retin-A, comprar Retin-A baratos, but we have never followed up on the idea.

Being on the road means being in the big middle of winter, Retin-A images, Retin-A pics, though as we drove out of Louisiana recently we left freezing temperatures in the South.

We’ll be driving through and around a wintry Chicago a few times, a city which has hosted the TRACS annual convention for the past two years, and will be hosting it once again this coming September, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription.

I attended the convention last year and in many ways it was a great success, cheap Retin-A no rx. Retin-A use, Starting with a fun opening Wine-and-Cheese Mixer, there were about 25 film  previews, buy Retin-A without prescription, Purchase Retin-A for sale, several meetings, and an amazing Greek dinner hosted by Questar’s Al Nader, Retin-A overnight. Purchase Retin-A online, I believe everyone who came to Chicago thought it was a successful conference.

[caption id="attachment_2502" align="alignright" width="114" caption="TRACS President Monty Brown."][/caption]

Our main problem is low attendance, Retin-A coupon. Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, If we could have twice as many people attending, we’d be in good (or, at least, improving) condition. Where can i order Retin-A without prescription, I think if most filmmakers and sponsors were to be asked, they’d probably say they would like to attend the next get-together, Retin-A no rx. Retin-A from canadian pharmacy, So, let’s go ahead and make plans: it’s far enough ahead to pencil in the dates (Sept, buy Retin-A no prescription. Retin-A forum, 11-12)  and commit to the idea of being there. Seeing each other in person, where can i cheapest Retin-A online, Is Retin-A addictive, sharing ideas face-to-face, and re-connecting with one another is a positive plan, buy Retin-A from canada.

If we start to turn up at the convention in numbers, it may herald in a whole new era, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription. Fast shipping Retin-A, We are travelers, after all: we can travel to the far corners of the earth so we should be able to make it to Chicago, cheap Retin-A no rx. Retin-A photos, For more details on the Convention, get in touch with Executive Secretary Kathie Veach, Retin-A without prescription. Buy Retin-A no prescription, We have a lot in common and through most of the year we work in our own little vacuums. The Convention is a great opportunity to get together with other filmmakers, discount Retin-A, Retin-A canada, mexico, india, the agents, and the people to whom we are trying to sell our film performances, Retin-A price, coupon. Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, In the meantime, it’s fun to be on the road again. Retin-A cost, Our Dodge Sprinter has crossed over the 150,000 mile mark, miles we’ve put on during the past five seasons. Hopefully, there’ll be many more miles in our future. See you in Chicago.

A Note from Kathie Veach

Mark your calendars and save the date.  The TRACS Convention & Film Previews will be held in Chicago on September 11-12, 2011.

The previews will be held on Sunday, September 11 at the Museum of Contemporary Art from 9 to 5.

[caption id="attachment_2506" align="alignleft" width="72" caption="TRACS' Kathie Veach"][/caption]

Meetings will be held at the host Seneca Hotel on Monday, September 12.  We would like to plan a similar agenda as last year, with the cocktail party on Saturday night, 9 to 10, and the Awards Luncheon on Monday, 9-12.

More details will follow with the registration forms.

Hope to see you in Chicago in September,.

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Buy Loprazolam Without Prescription


Buy Loprazolam Without Prescription, By Woody Thomas

I expect most of us have had the experience of stumbling across some entirely unexpected event or locale that turned out to make a welcome addition to your film project. Loprazolam australia, uk, us, usa, Here is the story of one of ours.

The Waiters Race —Serendipity in                  Getting the Shot

By Woody Thomas

I expect most of us have had the experience of stumbling across some entirely unexpected event or locale that turned out to make a welcome addition to the film project, buy cheap Loprazolam. Loprazolam coupon, Here is the story of one of ours:

When Merrillan and I were filming in Paris for our travelogue on France, we were fortunate to have had some valuable assistance from a French Kodak colleague who mentioned he had seen posters for a waiters’ race to take place in a few days and thought we might want to film it, Loprazolam online cod. Online buying Loprazolam hcl, On the morning of the race we visited the Hotel de Ville (City Hall) —where the race would start and finish—and located a spot where we could get a good view of the racers. I found a bench to stand on and shoot over the heads of the crowd, Buy Loprazolam Without Prescription.

Fortuitously, Loprazolam interactions, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, the spot we had chosen was where the race participants were practicing running with their trays carrying three empty glasses and a full bottle of beer. We were able to later splice in the practice shots to enhance the footage, Loprazolam price. Taking Loprazolam, [caption id="attachment_2472" align="aligncenter" width="163" caption="College student Woody Thomas with a big Mitchell 35mm film camera."][/caption]

We filmed at another spot a few blocks away before returning to our previous station. We shot the finish, herbal Loprazolam, Order Loprazolam from United States pharmacy, then strolled past the barricades to film the smiling winners posing for pictures.

The entire race was filmed with a hand-held Beaulieu with a 16mm lens, where can i order Loprazolam without prescription, Loprazolam images, no zoom, no stabilization. The Beaulieu was a brand new Model 2016, cheap Loprazolam, Loprazolam from canadian pharmacy, very compact and well balanced with no external magazine.  It took standard 100-foot spools of film.  My regular camera was a Bolex EBM.  When I first got it (around 1971/2), I tried doing some hand held shots, buy Loprazolam online cod, Loprazolam trusted pharmacy reviews, but the camera just wasn’t designed for that kind of use—too awkward to handle.

The film was Eastman Color Negative.  Most of it was 100 ISO tungsten, where can i cheapest Loprazolam online, Where can i buy cheapest Loprazolam online, which needed a conversion filter for daylight shooting.  I did have some 250 ISO daylight film, which turned out to be quite useful in cities because we were often in the shadow of buildings, Loprazolam brand name. Loprazolam reviews, [youtube][/youtube]

Editor's Note:. The author is a former Travel Adventure Cinema filmmaker and an Eastman Kodak retiree. See a  clip of the race in the video player above., purchase Loprazolam online. Is Loprazolam safe. Loprazolam forum. Loprazolam no rx. Loprazolam long term. Purchase Loprazolam for sale. Loprazolam dose. Kjøpe Loprazolam på nett, köpa Loprazolam online. Loprazolam natural. Loprazolam wiki. Loprazolam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Loprazolam without a prescription. Low dose Loprazolam. Canada, mexico, india. Get Loprazolam. Loprazolam maximum dosage. Where can i find Loprazolam online. Doses Loprazolam work. Buy Loprazolam without prescription.

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Bromazepam For Sale


Bromazepam For Sale, Over the past year I have been going through my collection of footage preparing clips for my stock footage library. It has been an eye opening experience to look at everything I have shot over more than 40 years, Bromazepam used for. Bromazepam from mexico, In looking back, I shot over a half a million feet of motion picture film in 68 different countries over four decades, Bromazepam pictures. Online buying Bromazepam, [caption id="attachment_2424" align="alignright" width="115" caption="Doug Jones"][/caption]

Doug Jones’ New Around

the World Film

By Doug Jones

Over the past year I have been going through my collection of footage preparing clips for my stock footage library. It has been an eye opening experience to look at everything I have shot over more than 40 years, order Bromazepam online c.o.d. In looking back, I shot over a half a million feet of motion picture film in 68 different countries over four decades, Bromazepam For Sale. Bromazepam blogs, Two things struck me early into the project. One was how image has evolved, Bromazepam class. Purchase Bromazepam, From my earliest footage shot in Kodachrome (the colors of which have held up amazingly well, though the film itself is brittle and the perforations often cracked) to the years of Ektachrome Commercial (which was a stock that faded in time) to Eastman Color Negative which was the stock of choice for professional filmmakers (and still is) to the digital age, Bromazepam dosage, Bromazepam results, first standard definition then the brilliance of high definition. Much of the early footage still looks astonishing, Bromazepam steet value. Bromazepam For Sale, The second thing that I started thinking about was the extraordinary access I had decades ago. Bromazepam over the counter, The world was a more innocent place. It was a period of relative calm between World War II and the way the world that would become after 911, australia, uk, us, usa. About Bromazepam, When I went to Egypt in 1977, they were desperate for tourism. On a quiet Monday morning in Cairo, Bromazepam samples, Effects of Bromazepam, the Cairo Museum being closed that day, I was met by a guard, purchase Bromazepam online no prescription, Where to buy Bromazepam, and taken down into the rooms where the King Tut treasures were held. I was simply left for the day by myself, Bromazepam description.

In 1976 when making Royal London, I was allowed to climb to the top of Big Ben, Bromazepam For Sale. Buy generic Bromazepam, There was NO elevator and I can’t recall how many steps there were, but there were a lot, Bromazepam treatment. Bromazepam mg, I had a Bolex camera, a heavy Bolex tripod and a black box filled with a lighting rig, no prescription Bromazepam online. Comprar en línea Bromazepam, comprar Bromazepam baratos, This was before the digital age when you can shoot almost in the dark. Light would be required, Bromazepam from canada. Bromazepam For Sale, I shot the clock mechanism as Big Ben struck twelve noon. Bromazepam street price, It was a phenomenal experience.

I was allowed into the inner sanctum of the QE2 engine rooms, Bromazepam without a prescription, Bromazepam no prescription, I rode in the locomotive of the California Zephyr over the Rocky Mountains; I was an invited guest at Windsor Castle for the Garter Installation of Sir Harold Wilson—all the Royals present. They were amazing experiences that would be very difficult for an individual to experience in today’s security obsessed world.

As I culled through the hours of footage, buy Bromazepam from mexico, Real brand Bromazepam online, I formed the idea of creating a travel memoir of my life experiences and from that the film “Around the World —One Man’s Journey” began to take shape.

None of this would have happened had it not been for the fate of my birth, where can i buy Bromazepam online. As a boy growing up in Kansas City in the 1950's, I would have had little reason to expect a lifetime of world travel, Bromazepam For Sale. Bromazepam for sale, But my father had a great job. He was an engine inspector for Trans World Airlines, Bromazepam pics, Is Bromazepam addictive, which was based in Kansas City. In the 1950’s and the 1960’s Trans World Airlines was the airline of movie stars and royalty, order Bromazepam from mexican pharmacy. Online buy Bromazepam without a prescription, TWA represented travel at its most glamorous. Bromazepam For Sale, Their planes were fast and luxurious. They offered adventure and amazing experiences to the four corners of the world, after Bromazepam. Bromazepam alternatives, TWA, along with Pan Am, Bromazepam use, Order Bromazepam online overnight delivery no prescription, represented the beginning of world travel for a new generation.

Because of my father’s employment, if there was an empty seat on a TWA flight – and in those days there was always an empty seat – I was able to get onboard and travel wherever TWA flew. And in those days, Trans World Airlines circled the globe.

My earliest travels were to California on the great Lockheed Constellation, a graceful three rudder, four-propeller plane commission by Howard Hughes the founder of TWA, Bromazepam For Sale.

By 1959, the jet age had begun and the legendary Boeing 707 was taking passengers on flight one from Kansas City to Hong Kong, the long way around —8 stops and 26 hours to the furtherest corners of the globe, a trip I made five times.

And in those days once you were off the plane (which for me was free but for paying passengers was expensive) travel was cheap. I had little money, only what I made working as a banjo player in the Kansas City jazz clubs at night while I went to college during the day.

I still have my Europe on Five Dollars a Day guidebook and it was well used. Bromazepam For Sale, I went to Bombay when I was 18, alone, and hired a guide and driver for the day for two dollars.

Because of all of this amazing travel as a young man, and my added experience of being onstage as the “Wizard of the Strings” banjo player of the Midwest, making travelogues seemed a natural job choice in 1968.

I was thinking of going to Austria in 1967. There was an ad in the Kansas City Star that were would be a travelogue at the Plaza Theater on Austria presented by a filmmaker named Curtis Nagel.

I went and sat in the balcony because the house was full. It was a big and profitable business in those days, Bromazepam For Sale. Curtis Nagel walked out on the stage, gave his front talk and ended it with his signature phrase “And now as we take our palette of color film we shall paint these Portraits of Austria.”  The lights went down, the music came up, the picture appeared and I was hooked. What a great way to make a living. And for over four decades I have.

Naturally, things have changed. Bromazepam For Sale, Auditorium lecture series are less crowded, but video, DVD sales, stock footage and other ancillary sources of income have supplemented my business.

Around the World – One Man’s Journey has allowed me the treasured experience of revisiting an amazing life. It includes footage of my father, the early TWA constellations, images of the early days of the travelogue business and a vast collection of the best shots from my lifetime of work.

I had several options in organizing the material. In the end I chose to do it geographically with a circuitous journey around the world. Given that the footage was shot over a wide span of time, title cards in the film keep the viewer informed as to when the footage was shot and also the film stock it was shot on. The narration, rather than focusing just on the individual sites themselves, concentrates as well on my experiences of shooting the footage and how the world and photography has changed. It is a highly personal film and a chance for me to relate stories of what it has been like to see the world evolve over 40 years.


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