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Contributed by Buddy Hatton Buddy Hatton

Buddy Hatton cannot remember a time he was not in show business. At an early age, he created, starred in, and produced his own radio and television show in San Francisco with fellow teenager, Johnny Mathis, as one of his regular featured guests.

His high energy and love for the entertainment industry had him expanding his knowledge and expertise in every phase of the business; record producer, talent manager, and commercial spokesman for numerous major corporations.

Television was the next aspect to challenge. He made an indelible mark in that field as well, as show host receiving, in the process, not one, but two prestigious “Percy” Awards as Canada’s Television Male Entertainer of the Year - an unheard achievement for an American.

And, always, there was his career in radio through which his sharp wit and down-to-earth wisdom earned him a large, faithful following of radio listeners in San Francisco.

With his love for people and excitement in discovering new places, plus his professional experiences before the camera, becoming a travelogue producer and lecturer was a natural progression.

Combines with creative scripting and editing, his touching cinematography and warm stage presence continues to delight audiences everywhere. His winning combination of talent and ability are winning over new audiences to the travel film industry.

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