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Budget travel I was doing. I would sleep in my sleeping bag next to the car and gasoline was only 10 cent a gallon. When I crossed the border I had $50 in my pocket, I would make it last three months.   Read More
Posted by Dale Johnson in The Travel Adventurers July 05, 2016


Filmmaker Dale Johnson writes about the joys of being a travel adventure filmmaker, on the road, doing the circuit.   Read More
Posted by Dale Johnson in Blogs April 29, 2015

China Rising

As youngsters we heard, "If you drill straight down through the Earth you would come out in China." That comprised just about the sum total of our knowledge of China. Perhaps the improvement in knowledge since then has been slight.   Read More
Posted by Dale Johnson in On Location May 06, 2014

Big Data, Big Storage

In this new age of ‘Big Data’, the need for more and more storage continues for what becomes quite massive amounts of data, effecting even small and moderate content and/or TAD producers... such as ourselves. I now have almost three dozen hard drives, most of which are 2-terabyte discs now, containing the files and data I use. This may be a modest amount of storage compared to other readers of this Magazine... but we can all use more. I have recently become aware of...   Read More
Posted by Dale Johnson in Jump Cuts August 15, 2013

Why Motion Pictures Still Can't Move

By Dale Johnson, Technology Editor In spite of the advancement of our technology today, we have found no way to make pictures move. “Huh?” “Whaaaa?” “What are you talking about?” you may say. “I watch moving pictures every day on TV, at the cinema, and even on my phone.”   Read More
Posted by Dale Johnson in Blogs May 14, 2013
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