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Elephant in the Living Room

A group of policemen, firefighters and paramedics band together to form an organization to educate people who keep wild animals as pets—pets that can be extremely dangerous. After seeing their videotaped exploits, an Ohio film producer decided to make a documentary of their efforts. He called it: Elephant in the Living Room.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Blogs November 16, 2012

Endless Summer-Type Holiday Led to GoPro Cameras

The wearable GoPro camera's great success is partly because we are all photographers and want to share our videos and photos. Nick Woodman shows the spirit of true entrepreneurism.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Blogs September 24, 2012

Coolest Man in Ontario Is Peter Kool

The coolest man in Ontario is Pieter Kool, travel film exhibitor for the Mississauga Rotary Club. And he’s one hard worker when it comes to his film series. The club’s travel films fundraiser is healthy, the best in Ontario.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Blogs July 16, 2012

"The World Without US" Documentary Right Out of Today's Headlines

A new documentary, The World Without US, produced by Hungarian-born Mitch Anderson, examines the following question in detail: What would happen if the United States were to stop its military presence?   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Features July 12, 2012

Shooting a Feature Film on a Smartphone

(Filmmaker Hooman Khalili shot a feature film, Olive, on a high-def Nokia N8 cell phone. The quality of Olive is amazing. Ralph Franklin tracked the picture down and wrote this report.) I was there for one reason — not for the story, nor acting, lighting, camera work or editing.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Features December 27, 2011
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