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November 2011 Archive

Music for Travel Films?

I think it is written, "Let there be light, find coffee." That becomes a daily odyssey for me. Stimulated by that amber liquid, I may set to work trying to create something, hopefully, worth watching for the casual viewer.   Read More
Posted by Dale Johnson in Blogs November 30, 2011

Static Stills Are Gone, Baby Gone

You are at your computer editing your latest opus using Adobe Premiere or Apple's Final Cut Pro or iMovie. Suddenly, you realize you need "just a few more seconds or a minute" of vitally needed footage to finish an important sequence.   Read More
Posted by Travel Adventure Documentary in Features November 28, 2011

Monty & Marsha Brown In Perpetual Motion

Those film and musical artists, Monty and Marsha Brown, seem to be in perpetual motion the year 'round. Besides performing around their home state, Louisiana, they appeared at various English folk festivals and folk clubs. They also have started shooting their latest travel adventure film, England's West Country Bath & Beyond.   Read More
Posted by Travel Adventure Documentary in Features November 10, 2011

Library of Congress Wants Your Old Travel Films

A few years ago, Stan Walsh visited the Library of Congress Audio-Visual Conservation Center in Culpeper, Virginia. At that time he spoke with George Willeman in the Moving Image section and was cordially received.   Read More
Posted by Jocelyn Green in Features November 04, 2011