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November 2012 Archive

What? A New Documentary Shot in 16mm?

I went to see "Beasts of the Southern Wild" for only one reason…it was shot with 16mm film. Its release as a theatrical feature didn’t reveal any negatives assignable to that recording medium, however.   Read More
Posted by Dale Johnson in Blogs November 30, 2012

Colorful Exhibitor Karen Shareff Is Dead at 67

Karen Shareff, the popular and spirited director of Southern California’s popular World on Film travel adventure series, died Oct. 28 from the cancer she had been fighting for 10 years.   Read More
Posted by Hal McClure in Exhibitors November 29, 2012

What Happened to 3D, the Wunderkind Who Would Thrill Travel Adventurers

It wasn’t so long ago that 3D was the technological rage of the new century. Techies said it would re-vitalize the film industry...3D would sell big screen-television sets by the shipload...and even pop your popcorn. Maybe not. This writer, I admit, was an exuberant member of that early 3D cheer-leading gang, filling several columns in this space rooting for the new/old kid on the block.   Read More
Posted by Hal McClure in Blogs November 23, 2012

THE Omaha Story

When an Omaha entrepreneur cancels his travel film series and disappears with his patrons' money, California Travel Film Agent Ralph Franklin volunteers to rescue the series. This is his story.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Exhibitors November 19, 2012

Elephant in the Living Room

A group of policemen, firefighters and paramedics band together to form an organization to educate people who keep wild animals as pets—pets that can be extremely dangerous. After seeing their videotaped exploits, an Ohio film producer decided to make a documentary of their efforts. He called it: Elephant in the Living Room.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Blogs November 16, 2012
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