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December 2012 Archive

Bye Bye Film Projector, See You In the Smithsonian Some Day

You knew it would happen. But so soon? By the year 2020, projectors that project film might only be viewed in the Smithsonian or some other museum. You remember film—that “celluloid” sprocket-holed thing?   Read More
Posted by Hal McClure in Blogs December 21, 2012

Hal McClure Leads Travel Film Field Into Digital

Hal McClure retires from the Associated Press and begins a new career as a filmmaker of travel and adventure productions. He is booked in several hundred venues to personally present his films across North America. In the late 1990s he leads the field from film to digital production. Over the years he produces a dozen films , including Dracula—Travels in Transylvania, Story Book England, Magic of Malaysia, Morocco, Echo of Hoofbeats (Pony Express).   Read More
Posted by Stan Walsh in Blogs December 17, 2012

Pilot, Foreign Correspondent, Filmmaker

Hal McClure always wanted adventure and his first trip away from home landed him in a Texas jail on suspicion of spying for Nazi Germany. He went on to be an Air Force pilot, foreign correspondent covering wars in the Middle East and then a producer of travel films that took him from hunting Dracula in Transylvania to a former headhunters village in Borneo and riding with the ponies on the modern Pony Express.   Read More
Posted by Stan Walsh in Blogs December 15, 2012

Vietnam 50th Anniversary

TAD salutes Vietnam veterans and combat photographers on the 5oth anniversary of the Vietnam War.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Blogs December 05, 2012