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January 2013 Archive

Where Are You Burton Holmes?

Travelogue Legend Burton Holmes and theatrical entrepreneur Dick Walter appear to agree that the travel film field has lost its way when it come to ticket pricing and staging. (The latter will be the second part of this two-part series.)   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Exhibitors January 25, 2013

'Switch' Is New Doc Film on Power

'Switch' looks at all energy source being used and developed, and breaks down the efficiency of each of the sources and their per X number of people.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Blogs January 21, 2013

Tiny Projectors Heading Your Way

You are a filmmaker—or a filmmaker’s agent—and you meet an exhibitor among audience members leaving the lobby of a travel-adventure movie venue.   EXHIBITOR: “Have you been shooting anything my audience might be interested in?”   FILMMAKER: “I’m just back from Alaska and have some good footage of Eskimo villagers surviving those long Arctic winter months. Not only fishing or hunting, but showing their picturesque social life.”  ...   Read More
Posted by Hal McClure in Blogs January 11, 2013