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A Big Hello from Travel Adventure Documentary (TAD)

Travel Adventure Documentary has now arrived on the Internet carrying news about its special niche in Entertainment: Travel Adventure Film, its filmmakers and exhibitors, trends, equipment and so on.   Read More
Posted by Hal McClure in Blogs September 15, 2012

Bolex is Back! Not as a Film Camera, But as a Little Digital Wonder

Remember the old Bolex film camera? The darling of travel adventure film and documentary shooters? Well, kids, it's back. But, now it's dressed in digital array.   Read More
Posted by Dale Johnson in Blogs July 23, 2012

Coolest Man in Ontario Is Peter Kool

The coolest man in Ontario is Pieter Kool, travel film exhibitor for the Mississauga Rotary Club. And he’s one hard worker when it comes to his film series. The club’s travel films fundraiser is healthy, the best in Ontario.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Blogs July 16, 2012

40th Film Festival Held in Grand Rapids

An unprecedented one-day Springtime Film Festival was convened at Grand Rapids, Michigan, in June—the 40th annual session of the Travel Adventure Cinema field.   Read More
Posted by Stan Walsh in Blogs July 16, 2012

He Dreamed of Shooting Travel Films When He Retired

Rick Rosefield always wanted to shoot travel adventure films when he retired. And he did—for awhile. His wife Jan tells the rest of the story.   Read More
Posted by Jan Rosefield in Blogs July 16, 2012
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