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Rotary TABLOID Brings Big Bucks

Service Club discovers a new way of making money by publishing a newspaper.   Read More
Posted by Rick Brown in Exhibitors December 02, 2013


Many changes have occurred in the production and equipment values of our Travel Adventure Film business over the years, but what has not improved is the number of travel film series or the size of our audiences. A common refrain is that our audience is older and the sponsor cannot get younger people to attend the shows. I have always felt this is an incorrect analysis of the problem.   Read More
Posted by Doug Jones in Exhibitors February 06, 2013

Promotion Is Show Biz Basic

      Read More
Posted by Doug Jones in Exhibitors February 02, 2013

Where Are You Burton Holmes?

Travelogue Legend Burton Holmes and theatrical entrepreneur Dick Walter appear to agree that the travel film field has lost its way when it come to ticket pricing and staging. (The latter will be the second part of this two-part series.)   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Exhibitors January 25, 2013

Colorful Exhibitor Karen Shareff Is Dead at 67

Karen Shareff, the popular and spirited director of Southern California’s popular World on Film travel adventure series, died Oct. 28 from the cancer she had been fighting for 10 years.   Read More
Posted by Hal McClure in Exhibitors November 29, 2012
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