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The years was 1944, President Roosevelt will be elected to his 4th term, D day will happen, a ticket to the movies costs 32 cents and the Grand Rapids Kiwanis Club will introduce a fund raiser that will pack auditoriums from coast to coast.   Read More
Posted by Travel Adventure Documentary in Features February 14, 2017

Midway, Message From the Gyre

I received a link from filmmaker Dale Johnson, regarding a trailer, Midway, Message From the Gyre. Being a WWII Navy vet it rang a bell - with The Battle of Midway - and I viewed it. It was not what I expected.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Features June 17, 2013

Hal McClure AP Journalist Extraordinaire

LOS ANGELES (AP) Hal McClure, who covered two Arab-Israeli wars after turning a passion for travel and the written word into a career as a foreign correspondent for The Associated Press, has died in California. He was 92.   Read More
Posted by Christopher Weber in Features June 10, 2013

Mexico, The Bad, the Great and the Ugly - An Unusual Film

I am often asked why I decided to make "Mexico: The Bad, the Great and the Ugly" from still images, instead of motion picture or video? I suppose this is an especially relevant question since I've spent the last 35 years in the motion picture industry. The answer lies more in accident than intent.   Read More
Posted by Bill Behrenbuch in Features June 03, 2013

Author, Filmmaker, Travel Adventurer Hal McClure Has Died

"Life's swift flight has been one hell of a journey," Hal McClure wrote in his recent autobiography, Adventuring. "I have been fortunate on this long trip because I was able to follow the three great passions of my life: the love of the written word, the moving image and the desire to travel. A perfect trifecta. Couple those passions with the enjoyment of meeting the creatures that inhabit our planet: the great, the not-so-great, the not-so-good—and people too." Travel...   Read More
Posted by Travel Adventure Documentary in Features May 27, 2013
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