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Building a Wall Subject Of Unusual Doc Film

As hilarious as it is meditative, the Triumph of the Wall film begins as a chronicle about the construction of a 1,000-foot dry-stone wall by a novice stonemason in rural Quebec. The stonemason, Chris Overing, sets out to complete the wall within eight weeks; filmmaker Bill Stone plans to film Chris as a straightforward story, telling of this laborious yet creative task. But when Overing realizes he has woefully underestimated the time and energy required to construct the wall.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Features May 08, 2013

National Geographic Live! Will Surprise Our Exhibitors, Filmmakers (Part 2)

Our exhibitors and travel adventure filmmakers will be stunned at the prices the traveling National Geographic Live! shows charge for admission and the fees paid to performers.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Features March 08, 2013

National Geographic Live Shows On The Road

Remember when the National Geographic staged our travel-adventure films at the NG's Grosvenor Hall in Washington, DC.? Now, the Society has put together a new program of speakers with their films and slides—going on the road this time as National Geographic Live!   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Features February 28, 2013

  Angry Planet Television Series Producer/Director  Peter Rowe Peter Rowe, producer/director of the highly praised Angry Planet television series, will soon release Angry Planet—Volcanoes, a spin-off of his 39-program series seen around the world.  While making the Angry Planet series Rowe climbed and filmed numerous volcanoes, from Italy to Iceland to Costa Rica. Angry Planet—Volcanoes is the sum of this intense experience.  Creating this new feature...   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Features February 07, 2013

Don Cooper, Travel Adventure Film's Funny Man, Dead at 89

The wit and humor of Don Cooper—Alaska Lumberjack with a camera—is silent. Don passed away October 12 in Bozeman, Montana. For four decades, from 1958 to 1998, Don was the most entertaining travelogue producer-narrator on the national circuit.   Read More
Posted by Stan Walsh in Features October 24, 2012
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