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Citizen Kane Screening at the Hearst Castle?

If the late William Randolph Hearst knew his heirs had given a willing thumbs-up to screen his hated 1941 Citizen Kane film at the Hearst Castle he would be climbing the walls in the family mausoleum.   Read More
Posted by Hal McClure in Features January 23, 2012

Among Mountain Gorillas

(We watched this great footage of Mountain gorillas and asked filmmaker Rich Kern for his take on the video. Rich has specialized in nature films and has won a ton of awards. He was familiar with the area and its gorillas. Read on. —Ralph Franklin.)   Read More
Posted by Rich Kern in Features January 18, 2012

Beverly Glass Dead at 83

After a long illness, Beverly M. Glass, a popular videographer in Laguna Woods, California, died Dec. 16. She was 83.   Read More
Posted by Travel Adventure Documentary in Features January 17, 2012

Reidelbergers Take Final Film Bows

Filmmaker favorites Fran and Brooke Reidelberger have taken their final bows to quietly slip into retirement after 35 years criss-crossing North America with their travel films.   Read More
Posted by Travel Adventure Documentary in Features January 12, 2012

Shooting a Feature Film on a Smartphone

(Filmmaker Hooman Khalili shot a feature film, Olive, on a high-def Nokia N8 cell phone. The quality of Olive is amazing. Ralph Franklin tracked the picture down and wrote this report.) I was there for one reason — not for the story, nor acting, lighting, camera work or editing.   Read More
Posted by Ralph Franklin in Features December 27, 2011
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