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When I arrived in St. Louis I was concerned. Washington University, my show date, had changed theaters...would the patrons make the shift successfully?   Read More
Posted by Marlin Darrah in The Travel Adventurers January 04, 2017


I spent weeks researching my new film, but as always the best experiences were the surprises and the thing that seldom appear in guide books or written histories.   Read More
Posted by Gray Warriner in The Travel Adventurers August 02, 2016


Budget travel I was doing. I would sleep in my sleeping bag next to the car and gasoline was only 10 cent a gallon. When I crossed the border I had $50 in my pocket, I would make it last three months.   Read More
Posted by Dale Johnson in The Travel Adventurers July 05, 2016

Robin Williams' Mayday

Robin Williams stars in Veteran's day event.   Read More
Posted by Travel Adventure Documentary in The Travel Adventurers November 24, 2014

Adventures in Filmmaking

Celebrating his birthday sipping Champagne, sitting on the edge of an erupting African volcano is Peter Rowe’s idea of fearless filmmaking fun. He has filmed on all seven continents, capturing the extremes of nature from Antarctica to the Arabian Desert, crossed Baffin Island by dogsled and climbed many of the world’s most active volcanoes, camera in hand. In his book Adventures in Filmmaking he tells it all.   Read More
Posted by Stan Walsh in The Travel Adventurers May 29, 2014
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