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By Dale Johnson

Cialis For Sale, In the days of VHS tape, I never thought a video image could ever replace a film image...or even equal it. Cialis coupon, [caption id="attachment_3607" align="alignleft" width="105" caption="Black & White"][/caption]

By Dale Johnson Technology Editor

In the days of VHS tape, I never thought a video image could ever replace a film image...or even equal it, Cialis no prescription. Real brand Cialis online, But within the business of producing travel films, the change from film to digital video has been completed for virtually all of this 21st Century.  That’s a change I now embrace completely and would not wish to return to image acquisition via motion picture film, purchase Cialis online no prescription. Cialis used for, However, mainstream theatrical production has continued primarily to use film for recording images.  At the same time, Cialis from mexico, Cialis blogs, once the photography has been completed in a Hollywood production, the imagery is transferred to a digital format and all post-production has been accomplished in the digital realm.  This for quite a few years now, effects of Cialis. Order Cialis online c.o.d, The demise of film was first proclaimed in 1972 when video tape became widely used in television broadcast.  It didn’t happen then, of course.  Hollywood, order Cialis from United States pharmacy, Where can i buy Cialis online, documentarian, industrial, Cialis maximum dosage, Where can i buy cheapest Cialis online, and even television continued to roll right along with film production. (Most TV pilots were shot on film until 2009.)

But now it turns out that the major camera manufacturers, Arriflex, Aaton and Panavision have all ceased producing film cameras.  They are all concentrating on digital cinema cameras now.  Apparently, the last film camera was made in 2009, Cialis For Sale.

Film distribution at the theatrical level has been a major revenue stream for both Kodak and Fuji, online Cialis without a prescription, Get Cialis, as most theaters continued to exhibit film prints.  But the National Association of Theatre Owners now say about half of the theater screens in the U.S. are using digital projection.  This, about Cialis, Cialis without a prescription, of course, will be a huge monetary savings for that segment of the film industry, online buying Cialis hcl, Online buying Cialis, as making film prints and shipping those heavy prints are expensive.  Digital files, on the other hand, no prescription Cialis online, Cialis reviews, cost little to replicate and little to ship or transmit.

[caption id="attachment_2239" align="alignleft" width="149" caption="Dale Johnson"][/caption]

There are film laboratories still processing 16mm film as well as 35mm.  And I see many film cameras still offered for sale on eBay.  Some of those camera are advertised at a discounted price—but some are still asking a price akin to the former price structure when film was king.  I saw one ad for a 16mm Arri S, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Order Cialis online overnight delivery no prescription, considered the premier camera in our field at one time, for $200.  The original new cost for this camera had risen to about $6, Cialis photos, Cheap Cialis, 000 in the 1990’s.

Bolex International in Switzerland continues to manufacture their 16mm cameras, herbal Cialis, Cialis class, as well as the Eumig and Beaulieu brand of Super 8mm cameras and projectors.  They do offer a service of scanning film (both motion and still) to digital DVD, but camera manufacture is still their primary thrust.  And Kodak claims that Super 8 film is still popular and they continue to manufacture ‘billions of linear feet of it.’

The death of film continues to be debated, canada, mexico, india, Cialis pharmacy, but probably most are inclined to see it coming.  Just when that will happen is the debating point now.


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By Grant Foster

[caption id="attachment_597" align="alignleft" width="86" caption="Filmmaker Foster and Volcano"]Filmmaker Foster and Volcano[/caption]

Chicago Cinematographer Grant Foster was shooting footage of an exciting volcano in Indonesia when it suddenly got a bit too exciting.volcano-42

Filmmaker’s Exciting Volcano Shoot

By Grant Foster

Paxipam For Sale, If you had been there on that fateful morning of August 27, 1883, to witness an unforgettable spectacle of nature, you would not have survived the cataclysmic disaster of Krakatoa.

The blast hurled six cubic miles of lava, ash and volcanic dust 20 miles into the stratosphere. The deafening eruption became the loudest bang in recorded history.  It was heard over 3, Paxipam dangers, 000 miles to the east in central Australia and to the west in India. It was then the most devastating volcanic event in human history. Over 36, Paxipam overnight,000 people died during the eruption or the earthquakes and tidal waves that followed.

An immense mantle of dust darkened the sky as it circled the earth and caused temperatures around the world to drop for a year after the eruption. Paxipam street price, Fortunately, I could not be there. I was born more than 50 years later.

Krakatoa had blown itself completely away and created a huge caldera over four miles long.  But its restless molten heart was still beating beneath the surface until 1928 when a new volcano, Anak (meaning son) Krakatoa was born with all the fires of creation from under the sea.  Since then, with sporadic eruptions, the son  has grown at an alarming rate of over 200 feet each year.

In September of 1992 a series of lava explosions signaled a buildup of another cycle of eruptions.  Once again, I could not be there to witness the event.  I was back in the United States showing my films in the Midwest until December.   In January, 1993, after four months of warning outbursts with lava, rock and molten ash, Anak Krakatoa once again began major activity.

This time I was there to film this amazing spectacle and obviously I survived to share my film and tell my story.In human history, both ancient and modern, volcanoes and earthquakes have strongly influenced man’s culture, religion, architecture and in many cases, survival.

Nowhere is this association more apparent than in the world’s largest archipelago, the 1,700 islands of Indonesia.  These volcanic islands are spread over three million square miles of ocean from Asia to the tip of Australia, Paxipam For Sale. It is a volatile land which has more active volcanoes than any other place on earth, effects of Paxipam, where its people have learned to live with the constant fear of eruptions, Paxipam no rx, earthquakes and devastating tsunamis that can occur at any time.  On most islands volcanoes are an acceptable part of everyday life.

To tell this story, I took a fascinating sea journey into the Ring of Fire to meet the people of these volcanic islands and  witness their lively expressions of art and music, their diversified cultural traditions, low dose Paxipam, and the influence of volcanoes on their lifestyle and religion.

The safari sea journey begins in Timor, Paxipam natural, just above Australia, and travels west along the equator through the tropical islands of Nusa Tengara to Bali and Java, and finally from Jakarta to Krakatoa below the largest island of Sumatra.

These are all volcanic islands that rose from the sea over 15 million years ago, is Paxipam safe. Zodiacs (small draft mini-cruiser) provide access to many remote islands like Komodo, What is Paxipam, home of the Komodo dragons; Flores, where a 60 foot tsunami swept fishing boats inland just a few months after my visit; Lambata, with three active volcanoes, order Paxipam from United States pharmacy, and Sumbawa, Paxipam australia, uk, us, usa, where I experience a wedding and a buffalo race.

Bali is a small Hindu island within a country that has the world’s largest Muslim population.  The Balinese believe their demons live in the ocean depths and their guardian spirits dwell in high mountains.

To honor their  mountain gods they built the island’s most important temple, Besakih, 3, kjøpe Paxipam på nett, köpa Paxipam online,000 feet up the slopes of Bali’s highest and most revered mountain, Paxipam trusted pharmacy reviews, the active volcano of Mt. Agung.  That was over 1,000 years ago.

In 1963, my Paxipam experience, during the biggest Hindu festival in 100 years, Paxipam pharmacy, Mt. Agung blew its top.  It had not erupted in 600 years.  In one devastating eruption it killed over 2,000 people and left thousands more homeless.  Streams of lava and hot volcanic mud poured down the mountainside, Paxipam price, burying villages and flowing into the sea.  The entire island was covered with ash, Where can i cheapest Paxipam online, but strangely, or miraculously, the great temple was barely damaged.

The highlight of one of my many visits to Bali was to film a Hindu cremation.  The body is burned outdoors while joyous friends bid a happy farewell, Paxipam class, for there must be no sadness or tears to upset the departing spirit.  The ashes are then taken to the mother temple for the final family farewell, Buy Paxipam no prescription, a visually moving experience.

From Bali my safari moves west to the world’s most densely populated island, Java, with 120 million people and over 100 volcanoes of which 20 are quite active.  Some are close to a human population and a few are very remote.  One of the most accessible on foot or horseback is Mt, real brand Paxipam online. Bromo.

Paxipam For Sale, After a quite early call, I left the hotel in Surabayo at midnight and traveled  by van to a high mountain village well below the volcano.  At 3 a.m. just before sunrise I was given a horse and guide to cross a caldera of sand to the foot of the smoking cone of Mt  Bromo. Paxipam wiki, The slope is too dangerous to climb so the locals have built 350 concrete steps to take me to the 7,000 foot summit, just in time for a dramatic sunrise as billowing clouds of gas swirl beneath my feet.  Another volcanic memory, Paxipam samples. The locals believe that there is a place between heaven and hell—and this is it.

Borobudur, Paxipam results, the world’s largest Buddhist monument. Jogjakarta, with its Prambanan temples and Royal Kraton Palace.  Tangkuban Prahu, Paxipam steet value,  a  drive-to-the-top  volcano surrounded by tea plantations on the rich volcanic soil below .  Padasuka village, Order Paxipam from mexican pharmacy, with the children’s bamboo orchestra.  Jakarta city and its parks, gardens and the national monument.  Also an Indo-Chinese wedding and a New Year’s Eve party before our departure to Krakatoa.

West of Jakarta the mini-cruiser sails to Sumartra’s Lampung province. Here I film an elephant reserve and take a bumpy ride, Paxipam For Sale. Then to the southwest tip of Java and the Ujung Kulon National Park to explore the rainforests, order Paxipam online overnight delivery no prescription. And finally, After Paxipam, the true high point of our journey, Krakatoa.

The mini-cruiser sails into the giant caldera where   Anak, the son of Krakatoa, order Paxipam online c.o.d, now stands defiantly as one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes, Purchase Paxipam for sale, still growing 200 feet per year.  Although eruptions are increasing each day, our captain said that it may still be safe to take our zodiacs on the volcano’s windward side and avoid the flying ash and debris.  If the wind changes, we should immediately head back to the cruiser.

Filming from a bouncing zodiac is not easy and I wanted stable ground for my tripod to be able to use a long lens on the summit.  So I asked for permission to land at the base of the ridge leading to the top.  The skipper said, online Paxipam without a prescription,  “Definitely not, Buy Paxipam online no prescription, if anything happens you might sue the company and wipe us out.”

“If I sign an indemnity not to sue, would that be OK?” I asked.

“Sure,” he replied, Paxipam used for. “Then you can take a driver and zodiac and do as you wish.” And that’s what I did.

With one other non-suing passenger as my assistant, Paxipam recreational, I landed at the base of the summit ridge and climbed the rocky slope about 200 feet to where there was a clear view of the top, which was belching forth lava, rock and smoking ash.

My assistant shot stills while I worked my film camera as fast as I could.  We both knew that time was short.  Anak Krakatoa performed dramatically for the 40 minutes we spent filming.  Sulphurous gasses filled the air above, doses Paxipam work, rocks the size of autos catapulted 500 feet above the fiery cone.  Lava, Online buying Paxipam hcl, ash and smoke shot skyward in a deadly mix heading up to 40,000 feet above us.

Suddenly, the wind changed direction and a wide cloud of ash headed towards us.  I have never run down a volcano so fast in my lifetime.  The anxious zodiac driver, Paxipam dosage, who didn’t like volcanoes, Paxipam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, wasted no time in getting us back to the cruiser.  It quickly sailed to safer waters as Anak continued to erupt.

All this excitement and hard work provided 15 minutes of truly amazing film footage which contributes to Safari’s  most spectacular sequences.

A friend of mine once told me,  When someone sees an erupting volcano at close range for the first time, something inside you changes forever.   And it did.  Now, Paxipam reviews, each time I present Safari, Order Paxipam no prescription, I will relive that experience.

Grant’s Shot With Arri and Bolex

Grant Foster's 80-minute travel adventure production Volcanic Safari was shot entirely on 16mm Eastman color film, and transferred to digital  for DVD release.

The main camera used was a 16mm Arriflex S with 12-120 zoom and Century wide angle. The two backup cameras were a Canon Scoopic and a trusty springwind Bolex with short zoom and 6-inch tele lens, where to buy Paxipam. Grant still has these cameras "preserved" in good working order.

To avoid carrying the heavier Arriflex on the volcano, he used the lightweight Bolex to shoot most of the eruption shots which were taken from half way up Kraratoa’s summit ridge.  From his precarious rocky platform amongst the cold lava, he captured some amazing closeups of the molten rock and ash rocketing skyward from the craters cone.

To enhance this spectacle he slowed the action slightly with 32 FPS  for some of the shots. Compared with the heavy Arriflex the lightweight Bolex gave him extra advantage during his hasty exit down the volcano to escape an advancing gas cloud of volcanic ash.

Today his small HD video would be much better on the volcano, and he says it would need to be as nowdays, he cannot run so fast. 

Grant is represented by Franklin Film


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