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By Hal McClure

[caption id="attachment_1394" align="alignleft" width="152" caption="Mitch Anderson and Carole Franklin at El Camino"]Mitch Anderson and Carole Franklin at Clonazepam For Sale, [/caption]

Travel films were still in swaddling duds when pioneer Burton Holmes and his business manager christened them Travelogues. The name stuck. 

Down through the decades dedicated travelogue fans knew what they would see before they entered the theater: Beautiful pictures of faraway places, Buy Clonazepam no prescription, natives and their lifestyle, children, flowers, taking Clonazepam, arts, Clonazepam use, crafts. If that particular country was ruled by a despot, or if it was in the middle of a political turmoil or had other troubles, online buying Clonazepam, the filmmaker usually turned the eye of his camera the other way. Clonazepam wiki, The major reason: Audiences wanted 80 minutes of escape. Not docs. 

As the years rolled by the travelogue inevitably changed—slowly and not too much. So did the fans, Clonazepam For Sale. The films became more thematic—The Magnificent World of the Mountain King (Ludwig’s Bavaria) and Amadeus, is Clonazepam addictive, Traveler in Italy and Britain Behind the Scenes, Clonazepam reviews, for example. 

The coming of digital cameras made it easier—and cheaper—to shoot and record live interviews, but the pure documentary still remained a rare bird in the Travel Adventure aviary. 

The audiences, as we have noted in this space, where can i buy cheapest Clonazepam online, also changed. Clonazepam from canada, Poor health or death forced many older members from their auditorium seats. And most of their kids—today’s Social Security-prone Baby Boomers—were vehement no-shows at the box office. 

'Now, times again are a-changin’, purchase Clonazepam, which brings me to the question asked by our Film Artists, Buy Clonazepam without a prescription, Presenters and Agents: Are we ready for more Travel Docs? 

The question recently arose when Presenter Bruce Spain booked Producer Mitch Anderson’s outright political documentary, The World Without US, for his El Camino College (CA) travel film series, where can i buy Clonazepam online. The World had nothing to do with travel, Order Clonazepam no prescription, but it did show many foreign countries. And the audiences—at both shows—mostly liked it. 

[caption id="attachment_1402" align="alignright" width="100" caption="Ralph Franklin"]Ralph Franklin[/caption]


Agent Ralph Franklin Clonazepam For Sale, (and TAC publisher) was pleased and wrote this for the TAC online forum: “The positive reaction to the film was a surprise to me…There is absolutely no wonderful hotel [in the film], no cruises; [It was] strictly political and that’s what makes Bruce’s audience so important. 

"Yes, there are those who felt it shouldn’t haven’t called a travel film. Of course, 15 years ago the Presenter and the audience would also have said no to canned narration.” (Ralph's full blog on this is printed below.) 

The field also initially resisted the switch from film to digital, Clonazepam canada, mexico, india, Ralph continued. 

In other words, Clonazepam used for, if we aren’t willing to try new ideas, explore new avenues and change our thinking, our film output will be stored alongside Burton Holmes stereoptican slides and hand-colored films on museum shelves—sooner than we expected. 

Is Documentary a Dirty Word? 

TRACS Prexy Monty Brown wonders about using the term Documentaries for our films, Clonazepam class. If we do, Purchase Clonazepam for sale, he writes, “we are really opening up the floodgates.” He adds: 

“I’m not complaining. I’m not even opposed; but I do think you have to be more specific than simply calling something a documentary.” 

He thinks the audience should have a heads-up on the documentary’s content, Clonazepam without a prescription. Or, Clonazepam duration, alternatively, have the Presenter stage it separately, outside the regular travel film series’ season. 

Monty makes a point, Clonazepam interactions. It seems one of the biggest problem here is the word itself—Documentary. For many, especially the older generation, the word Documentary is another word for “Boring.”  Or seeing the world as it really is?” 

Maybe we could create a new title for this documentary—standing for a new breed of film that tells a good story but one clothed in a colorful way, Clonazepam For Sale. There’s nothing wrong with history, Doses Clonazepam work, if told right. In my Echo of Hoofbeats—the Pony Express Story, I told a short history of the Pony Express, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, but I also showed how the West looked in the mid-1800s, Clonazepam without prescription, and how it looks today when the modern pony riders galloped through. 

If Holmes and his business manager, Louis Francis Brown, could concoct a new word for the art form such as travelogue, after Clonazepam, why can’t we do the same a century plus later? 

I hereby submit my nomination for the name of this new modern-day travel film, Clonazepam no prescription, one that tells a story of a country or the film subject, with perhaps a dash of history or other factoids—the lore of the land and its people, so to speak, Clonazepam pics. And we get The Travelore (TraveLore?) 

I can see the headline: 

[caption id="attachment_1403" align="alignleft" width="144" caption="Monty Brown on location."]Monty Brown on location.[/caption]


Freddy Filmmaker

Presents New Travelore

(or) TraveLore (?)


OK. Clonazepam dosage, OK. If you have a better name for today’s new Travel Adventure Film submit your answer in the spaces following the blogs below. 

(Editor’s Note: The entire blogs of Ralph Franklin and Monty Brown on the Documentary subject follow.) 



My Audience Won’t Like Them


By Ralph Franklin Clonazepam For Sale,  

Twenty-five years ago, 
Presenters would rarely take a domestic subject. “My audience don't 
like them.” Today, all presenters book them. 

Fifteen years ago, online buying Clonazepam hcl, 
I had a hard time selling Presenters Audubon Producer Rich Kern. “My 
audience don't like wildlife films.” Four years later every Presenter
 wanted his films. 

Two years ago, Online Clonazepam without a prescription, 
 TRACS Presenters in Albuquerque said No to Mitch Anderson’s documentary, The World Without US. “My audience won’t go for it.”

 This February, Clonazepam schedule,
 Bruce Spain showed the film.  And his audience said: 

“Great film, Clonazepam australia, uk, us, usa, it really opened my eyes.” “I had no idea that the United States of America did so much for the 
 “I am proud to know the US keeps so many people safe."
 “Boy, did I enjoy that one.”
 “Wonderful film, I learned so much.” “I hated this damn thing, Clonazepam brand name, it made me think.” “Overwhelming.” 

Now, Australia, uk, us, usa, folks, these are travelogue patrons, real hard-core travelogue patrons.
 And they liked it, Clonazepam price, coupon, they really liked it. 

Did you know more Americans love documentaries than travel films? 

OK. Clonazepam maximum dosage, Then what is the possibility than your series 
might grow if you now added a documentary to your line-up?  My answer: I believe it will. 

Are our travel film audiences ready for something other than a travel film—a documentary perhaps?  I can now say with confidence, the answer 
is Yes, and it is only a matter of time. 

At El Camino, Clonazepam long term, Mitch presented 
a short preview of his new in-production documentary, Clonazepam photos, The Amazing 
Rise of China. After watching it, the last audience question was, cheap Clonazepam no rx,  “When will it be ready?” 

The ‘Documentary’ Debate Continues

By Monty Brown 

President of TRACS 

I was talking to Filmmaker Doug Jones the other day, Purchase Clonazepam online, and he mentioned that there was a time when the audience knew exactly what they were going to get: a particular type of travelogue. 

Over the last 20 years or so, that expectation seems to have broadened somewhat, even among “travel” films, buy no prescription Clonazepam online, but when it comes to the use of the term “documentaries” we are really opening up the floodgates. 

I'm not complaining. I'm not even opposed; but I do think you have to be more specific than simply calling something a documentary, Clonazepam For Sale. The audience needs to get some kind of heads-up. 

For instance, when Presenters Kathie & George Veach, Jackson, Michigan, showed Mike Shiley's film about the animals of Hurricane Katrina, they separated it from the rest of their series and presented it as a fund-raiser for Animal Rescue. They advertised it to their audience, but it was clearly separate from the travel series. 

There are some "political documentaries" that we may not wish to go and see, therefore we need to be forewarned. Travel films, on the other hand, are generally pretty neutral and self-descriptive. 

Another impression I have, by the way: we filmmakers and agents are not always up to speed on each other’s films. There may be other stuff out there that might surprise by its audience appeal, (or lack of same.) Mitch Anderson's film needn't have taken any (TRACS) member by surprise: it was showcased at the convention in Albuquerque.

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