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Phentermine For Sale

By Dale Johnson

We’ve all struggled to figure out ways to increase sales of our DVD programs.  And for some time sales did fairly well when DVDs were offered to the audience at a live performance.

Phentermine For Sale, We’ve all struggled to figure out ways to increase sales of our DVD programs.  And for some time, sales did fairly well when DVDs were offered to the audience at a live performance.

There has been competition, of which every reader will be aware.  Hollywood churns them out until we’re about knee-deep in DVD discs, it seems.  DVD rental houses, specialty shops, Walmart, Target, gas stations, even the local supermarket display racks of DVD titles for sale.

The comedian, Louis C.K., recently came up with the idea of distributing one of his titles as a video via the Internet, skipping DVD altogether.  He would allow the program to be downloaded and completely owned by the downloader—no restrictions, make your own DVD, or whatever—for $5.

Payment was voluntary.  Louis C.K. apparently included a little note asking people to play fair, where can i buy cheapest Phentermine online, What is Phentermine, and to pay.  It seems that in this case, they did.  To date he’s taken in a million dollars since launching the sale early in December.  In fact, Phentermine trusted pharmacy reviews, Phentermine use, 50,000 people purchased the video in the first 12 hours of it’s release.

Louis C.K, buy Phentermine online cod. Phentermine used for, had a following as a stand-up comic and also because of his show, Louie on the FX Channel.  For the  $5 program, buy Phentermine from canada, No prescription Phentermine online, Live at the Beacon Theater, Louis C.K, buying Phentermine online over the counter. About Phentermine, directed, produced and edited it himself at a cost of $170, purchase Phentermine online no prescription, Online buy Phentermine without a prescription, 000.  It was a quality show he was offering for the low cost.

He spent $32,000 building the web site to make sure that ordering and receiving would be as simple as possible.  He has even provided the DVD cover and disc graphic as download files so that you can print your own cover after making your own disc.

The idea that he did it by himself, herbal Phentermine, Online Phentermine without a prescription, bypassing the normal distribution channels, is an idea that has stirred enormous interest throughout the entertainment world.  Some people felt that he cheated various employees at record distribution companies of jobs, Phentermine pics, Phentermine no rx, but Louis C.K. says that those people just weren’t needed.  Not sure what all this can mean to us, ordering Phentermine online, Buy Phentermine from mexico, but worth being aware of.

Editor—Dale Johnson is Technology Editor of Travel Adventure Cinema

To see a short video  of  Louis C.K. in action, Phentermine description, Phentermine without a prescription, click Louis C.K.

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Acyclovir For Sale

By Dale Johnson

Acyclovir For Sale, With 3-D jumping down our throats, so to speak, Blu-ray discs of our productions are still a viable concern...and possibility. Rx free Acyclovir, [caption id="attachment_2117" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Dale Johnson and Karen Shareff, presenter of the World on Film travel film series in Laguna Woods, Acyclovir alternatives, Acyclovir results, CA., where the filmmaker showed his Under the Jungle—and Beyond (Messoamerica)."][/caption]

Our Hi-Def Hello to Blu-ray?

By Dale Johnson

With 3-D jumping down our throats, Acyclovir no rx, Acyclovir without prescription, so to speak, Blu-ray discs of our productions are still a viable concern...and possibility, Acyclovir coupon. Acyclovir used for, One marketer of alternative, non-Hollywood, Acyclovir cost, Acyclovir samples, programming (Questar of Chicago) reports that while DVD sales remain flat, or even declining, order Acyclovir no prescription, Buy no prescription Acyclovir online, their sales of Blu-ray discs are growing. New productions we might be producing in hi-def could also be suitable for release as a high definition Blu-ray disc, order Acyclovir from mexican pharmacy. Acyclovir schedule, Initially, just to use the Blu-ray Advanced Access Content System, is Acyclovir safe, Acyclovir over the counter, a $3,000 license fee was required.  The producer was then required to pay a $1, Acyclovir duration, Acyclovir from mexico, 300 Title Key Certificate, and 40 cents for each disc replicated, kjøpe Acyclovir på nett, köpa Acyclovir online. As can be easily surmised, this has been a real drag on the adoption of Blu-ray by independent producers.  But things are a-changing, Acyclovir For Sale. About Acyclovir, After considerable lobbying, AACS fees and certificates can now be obtained for about $1, purchase Acyclovir, Discount Acyclovir, 000 to $1,200, generic Acyclovir, Buy Acyclovir without prescription, a pretty significant reduction from the $4,300 originally required, Acyclovir trusted pharmacy reviews. Where can i buy Acyclovir online, The per disc royalty payment has been reduced to  .04 cents a disc. And now there are replicators who will create the master disc, where can i find Acyclovir online, Buy cheap Acyclovir, and produce 1,000 shelf ready discs in a proper Blu-ray case, where can i order Acyclovir without prescription, Acyclovir blogs, shrink wrapped and ready for sale at a cost of about $2 a copy.  Less than what we used to pay for the old VHS copies that brought us into selling our programs for public consumption.

There is still the matter of getting your finished program ready as a Blu-ray disc, of course, effects of Acyclovir. Order Acyclovir online c.o.d, Encoding and compressing is now available for the Mac in the latest Final Cut Pro software, while that has been available for some time on the PeeCee with Adobe’s Main Concept and Adobe encore.  These computer programs now make all this afordable and possible on your own computer.  (There are service providers who will perform these tasks too, buy Acyclovir online no prescription, Is Acyclovir addictive, but they are quite expensive.)   For the Mac you will need a Blu-ray burner such as the Pioneer BDR-203BKS for about $200.

If you have an interest, I reccommend a $15 book by Bruce Nazarian (“The Digital Guy”) which you can find here: Mr, buy Acyclovir from canada. Acyclovir use, Nazarian explains that even with Final Cut Pro, you will need a Blu-ray burner and player in order to finalize your completed disc, after Acyclovir, Cheap Acyclovir no rx, since a Mac computer will not display Blu-ray....even though you can burn a Blu-ray disc with a Mac.  (Blu-ray can be burned to a standard DVD disc, but only up to 30 minutes of content.  This is another whole chapter unto itself.  It’s a good way though to burn test discs until you get everything right, Acyclovir canada, mexico, india, Buying Acyclovir online over the counter, before burning to Blu-ray media, which is more expensive.)

In addition, buy Acyclovir without a prescription, even though a simple Blu-ray disc can be done from FCP now, to author a disc with the features like those on a standard DVD, i.e. menus, chapters, etc., you will also need to buy Roxio’s Toast 10 or Toast Pro, $80 or $150 respectively.

Blu-ray authoring and burning with Adobe is perhaps easier than with a Mac, and that too is covered in Mr. Nazarian’s book.

There are some other rather complicated and involved considerations, such as DRM (Digital Rights Management), which you can read about here:

Not only might we find some additional interest in Blu-ray discs at our shows, but they probably can be marketed via the Internet more easily than regular DVDs now.

Trying to stay on the trail and out of the woods,

Dale at Trailwood Films.

[caption id="attachment_2118" align="alignleft" width="91" caption="Bruce Nazarian—TAC photo"][/caption]



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